10 lessons I have learnt in 2018 and aspirations for 2019

Can you believe we are in 2019? It is day two and I’m still getting my head around it! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Celebrations. The New Year for me, and I’m sure many others, is a time to reflect of the last year and consider my aspirations for the following year.

My 2018 was full of amazing highs including starting blogging, moving to my first one bedroom flat (with my partner) and going to Newcastle. As with most other years, 2018 also had its challenges. Though they were tough at the time they taught me several lessons. As sharing is caring, I am going to share with you what I have learnt in 2018. In return why not share with my what you learnt?

The first is one that my Dad has told me for years and I always thought I was good at is to trust your gut. I spent the majority of last year in a job I knew in my gut wasn’t right for me. Yet I kept trying to force myself to stick at it and was miserable. I was constantly stressed and my self confidence took a hit. It impacted my home life as I could never relax and was always dreading Monday Morning.

Now I have left, granted it wasn’t my choice to leave but I am so grateful now. As I feel myself again, I’m much happier.

The second is you never truly know what others think of you. I was worried if I that job I would disappoint my family. Now I know this is ridiculous as your family only want what is best for you. Also I wouldn’t think that of anyone else who were in the same boat as me. You know what they say, we are our own worse critics.

The third is that you need hobbies for me that is blogging, reading and photography. When I was at university I was part of a breast cancer charity society and dance society. As well as meeting up with friends everyday. When I left university all that went so I felt a bit lost. So having these hobbies gives me a focus in my spare time.

The fourth is to make time for friends. As I mentioned I used to see my university friends pretty much everyday. Now we are all spread across the country and working full time. So arranging time to meet can be difficult but when I spend time with friends I feel so happy.

The fifth is to make time for you. We are all busy but we need to take time to ourselves. Even if it is to do nothing but watch TV. I find this difficult as I always like to be doing something but it is important to take time to stop. For me reading is great for this as it allows me to keep my brain busy whilst escaping reality.

The sixth, sort of relates to number 5 but it is a tidy house is not the most important thing in the world. I can be a very particular about having a tidy house, that I would stress about it and clean when I really should be resting. Now I’m not saying to live in a dumb but a bit of mess won’t kill you!

The seventh is I have mastered moving home after moving for the 5th time in a year and a half! My partner and I are planning on staying in our current flat for a while. I plan to share my advice on my blog soon!

The eighth is that I have learnt the true meaning of mental health. Though I have always been aware of the importance of mental health from experiences of those close to me and through studying psychology at University. For part of this year I really struggled with my poor mental health (probably as a result of the stress I felt at work). Now I am feeling a lot better and I am grateful for feeling a lot better now. I am never going to take advantage of my mental health again and have learnt how to take care of myself.

The ninth is that happiness can take work. That makes it sound boring! What I mean is that it is easy to get swept up in the routine of day to day life and what ‘has’ to be done (in my case tidying) and not take time to do what makes you happy.

The tenth that it is ok to be an introvert, more than ok I should be proud. I wrote a full blog post on this but I have discovered several benefits to being an introvert.

Going into 2019 I want to focus on being happy. Last year I learnt the importance of being happy. Happiness is going to be at the forefront of my mind when making decisions such as what I am going to do in my career.

Another way I am going to help maintain my happiness is I am going to write down everyday what I am grateful for. I have done this a couple of time for a whole year each time. I found that it helps me to stay positive and in turn happy. I am going to make time to see friends and family as that always makes me happy. Also I will also not forget to make time to do what makes me happy.

What are your aspirations for 2019? I would love to hear them in the comments below.


Emma x