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10 Things I Love About Living in London

Hello and Welcome Back! I have been living in London for almost three years now. I can’t quite believe it as it only seems like yesterday my Boyfriend and I moved to London. So today I’m sharing with you 10 Things I Love about Living in London.

1.The stunning buildings. Everywhere you go, there is incredible architecture. Which is always, impressive to look at.

2. Something that surprised me but I love about London is that, nature, is never far away. Just a few examples include;

Kew Gardens

You can discover more about Kew Gardens in my post here.

St James Park

Again, of course I have shared my afternoon at St James Park on my blog here.

3. London Transport. Wherever you are in London you can always get home thanks to all the Tubes, Buses and Trains. It makes exploring London so much easier.

4. You are surround by a wide range of cultures. So there is always more to learn.

5. London is the city that never sleeps which makes my early starts at work so much easier.

6. It is easy to explore other parts of the country. Thanks to the trains you can get to Brighton, Oxford, Newcastle and other parts of the UK so easily. As always linked are my Day’s Out post for in each city.

Just a few photos from my time in Oxford.

7.There are so many free activities such as museums (Greenwich), Parks, Sky Gardens.

Sky Gardens

8. Another free activity which I love to do is explore market stalls. There are so many markets in London including Portabello Market, Greenwich Market and Camden Market.

Camden Market
Portabello Market

9. I love that London feels like home but I still get to be a tourist when I explore new parts of London or when family and friends come to visit.

10. Finally, Christmas in London is so magical with lights everywhere, festive food and drinks and of course, Winter Wonderland.

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed learning about what I love about living in London. If you live in London, what do you love about living in London? If you have visited London, let me know what you love about London in the comments below!


Emma x

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