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UK Tour: Edinburgh

Hello and Welcome Back! Its time for day two of UK tour. I decided to go to the beautiful Edinburgh. I have been to Edinburgh a couple of times before but was excited to go and explore the city myself.

The train journey from Newcastle was easy, only 1 hour and 30 mins. When I arrived I walked along the Royal Mile. Fridge Comedy Festival was on so it was very busy. It was a nice atmosphere though, filled with excitement.

It then started to rain (I know what did I expect) so I took shelter in Fudge Kitchen where they were offering free samples. How could I say no!

I then watched them make fudge. They laid the liquid ingredients on a cold slab and kept moving them around until it cooled. Which was oddly satisfying to watch.

I ended up buying a box of fudge including rum and raisins, salt and caramel, mint chocolate and lemon sorbet. I can report all four taste delicious. Even if I slightly regretted having to carry the box for the rest of the week!

Next to Fudge Kitchen was an all year Christmas shop which was simply pure joy. Though I can’t imagine they get much business in August!

I then headed down to Victoria street. A cobbled street filled with unique shops. A couple of Harry Potter shops for you Potter Fans! Walking down this street really did feel like you were stepping back in time.

I continued on to Princes Street and discovered Princes Park. The perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle. You also get a great view of the Edinburgh castle.

After all that walking I decided to take a well deserved break. I discovered a small cafe at the top floor of Debenhams (on Princes Street) which over looked the castle. A hidden gem in my opinion.

I then walked the 20 minute walk to Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens. It ended up being closer to 30 mins as there was so much to see on the way! Including the oldest looking Pizza Express with its own clock tower, photographed below.

This statue of a man in the river who made me jump!

The Royal Botanical Gardens are beautiful and even better free! It was so peaceful to walk around admiring all the plants and breathing in the fresh air. Something I don’t get in London!

I even found where the fairies lived!

Then the weather started to turn and with a thunder storm predicted I decided it was time to head home. This was well timed as I was on the train the thunder started!

So that was my day in Edinburgh! I was lucky with the weather and it was so lovely to explore the city and soak up the atmosphere from the Fringe Festival.

Come back to see what I discovered in York and Leeds! In the mean time did you see my first day in my UK tour about Newcastle? If not why not check it out here.


Emma x

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