A to Z of Me!

Hello and Welcome Back! This post was inspired by Aycan from Little White Socks. When I read her A to Z of me, I loved learning more about her so thought I would do the same. Be sure to check out Aycan’s A to Z here. I have to say some letters were tricky! I am excited to share with you my A to Z of me. Hopefully you will learn a bit more about me! So lets get started.

Autumn is my favourite season. I love the weather, the autumn leaves and warm spiced drinks. I also adore autumn fashion including jumpers, boots and leggings. Esspecially the fleece lined leggings from Primark, so cosy!

Blogging. I started blogging in August 2018, to encourage me to focus on the positives in life. Through blogging I’ve developed a love of photography, writing and the wonderfully supportive blogging community.

Cake is one of my favourite puddings. Though to be honest I love all puddings! Fun childhood story for you now. My Dad used to take me on walks when I was in my pram. I would point at the cake shop and keep pointing even when it was out of sight. My Dad called it my cake detector! I guess some things never change!

Dresses are my favourite item if clothing. Not only are they super easy to put on as you don’t have to coordinate tops and trousers! I think they really flatter my figure.

Eating is one of my favourite past times! I mean who doesn’t love food!?

I’m a Feminist. For me, Feminism means wanting everyone regardless of gender to have the same opportunities (social and economic) and the right to decide what to do with their life. In turn allowing them to reach their full potential. I’ve actually share my favourite feminism books here.

Glitter. I love glitter! Anything with glitter I will love.

Hangry. If I get really hungry it is dangerous for those around me! I get short tempered and moody.

Introvert. I am an introvert. This doesn’t mean I’m shy! It just means I feel more comfortable alone or in small groups. I even wrote a post about the benefits of being an introvert which you can read about here.

Joyful. I am a pretty optimistic person. Blogging has really encouraged me to focus on the positives as that is what I want to share.

Keele University. I went to Keele University, in Stoke on Trent. I graduated in 2017 with a dual honours degree in Psychology and Human Resource Management.

Laughter. I love watching stand up comedy. Some of my favourite comedians include Sarah Millican, Sara Pascoe, Jon Richardson, Greg Davies, Dave Gorman and Amy Pohler.

Make Up. I have a love/hate relationship with make up. I enjoy playing with make up and love how it can help your confidence. Yet I also love not wearing make up and letting my skin breathe.

Nature walks. I love to take walks in nature, usually with my camera. I find it helps to clear my head.

Organisation. I love to tidy and organise. I find it so therapeutic. I even did some blog posts on how to organise your home, money and time.

Photography. I love to take photos. One of my favourite past times of mine is to explore somewhere new with my camera. This is what inspired the Days Out section of my blog.

Quiet. I prefer to be in the quiet than somewhere loud. Nothing is better for me than being in a quiet place reading a book.

Rainfall, inspires my one of my favourite quotes. It is cheesy so brace yourself! You need the rain to see a rainbow. A lovely reminder that their is always something good around the corner even if you can’t see it.

St Ives a the small town near Cambridge where I grew up. It is a beautiful market town. You can see more in my days out post in St Ives here.

Travel. I enjoy exploring new places! It doesn’t have to be far. Even if its just another part of London. I think it is the sense of adventure.

Unique. I was stuck on this one so I asked my Best Friend, what word beginning with U would you used to describe me. She said unique! I’m going to blissfully take that as compliment.

Vanilla is my favourite flavours and scents! Get me a vanilla milkshake and a vanilla candle. I’m happy!

William is the name of my boyfriend! We have been together for almost three years. He is super supportive and makes me laugh everyday!

X Ray. The only word I could think of beginning with X! I have only had one in my life. That I can remember anyway!

YouTube. I enjoy watching a wide range of YouTube videos from Mummy Vloggers including Emily Norris and Louise Pentland to Make Up Channels such as James Charles and Jeffery Star to Lifestyle Bloggers such as Melanie Murphy and Jessie B.

Zizzi’s is one of my favourite restaurants. I love pizza and pasta!

So there is my A to Z of Me! Hopefully you enjoyed learning more about me. I would love to read your A to Z of me so please share them with both me and Aycan.


Emma x

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