Hello! Welcome to my blog.

I am Emma, a 22-year-old from London.

I have decided to call my blog Believe in Bumble. Bumble has been my nickname since my teens due to my clumsy nature and the “Believe in” is because alliteration is soothing  (or is that just me!?).

My blog is a lifestyle blog aiming to document the positives in life, whether that’s days out, product reviews, book reviews or food. Basically, whatever takes my fancy!

My aim is to have a blog filled with happy posts and memories to not only cheer myself up on a down day but also put a smile on those who read it. So I hope you stick around.

All posts that are not my own will be clearly indicated, along with any product I have been sent as PR samples or brands I am in sponsorship with.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. It means the world to me.


Emma x