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August 2018 Birchbox product reviews – Collaboration with FloralsAndCoralsx

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Those of you that follow us on Twitter may have seen us tweet a couple of weeks ago asking for new bloggers to collaborate with as part of a new monthly series of collab posts we are doing on our blog. This entails us writing for blogger and them writing for us, sharing new bloggers with each of our audiences and giving us some suggestions of blogs to follow. This month we have collaborated with the wonderful Emma from Believe in Bumble, and her post for us follows. Hope you enjoy and chose to check out our Emma’s wonderful blog!


Natasha & Emily x

I think it is a given that most ‘beauty bloggers’ are into subscription boxes, with Birchbox being one of the most common, along with other well known ones like glossy box. Last month, we started a series on our blog where we review every month’s Birchbox products at the end of the month, rather than posting an unboxing, as this way we are able to share new brands with our audience and show you new amazing products to try after properly trying them. (Read the post here). With this in mind, this month we have collaborated with the wonderful Emma from ‘Believe In Bumble’, doing the same for her audience too. This involves us writing for her and her writing for us, which is what this post will be. You can read Emma’s wonderful post over on FloralsAndCoralsx here. Hope you enjoy!

This month Birchbox teamed up with Etsy designers to provide gorgeous box designs whilst also advertising some of Etsy’s best artists. Everyone subscribed to the box received a different design, and ours was from Hannah Richards, providing us with this really fun pink box with a pull out draw. Inside the box we received the ‘Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Sleeping Mask’ (£14.90),  the ‘CLE Melting Lip Powder in Blushing Peach’ (£15), the ‘Number 4 Haircare Sugar Texturizing Spray’ (£20), the ‘Rituals Happy Buddah Foaming Shower Gel’ (£8.50) and the ‘Dirty Little Secret Eyeshadow crayon in Fetch’ (£10.50). Considering these add up to nearly £70 and the box is just under £13 posted, I think that is a bargain price! The price of the products in the Birchboxes always manages to amaze me as a poor student who loves a saving.

Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Sleeping Mask (£14.90):

Having never used an overnight mask before I was initially pretty scared of this, as the idea of sleeping in a face mask is really daunting. However, after giving it a go I soon realized that is isn’t a typical mask, and is more of a thick cream that sinks in, meaning it is easy and comfortable to sleep in. Once applied, you just wash off in the morning with your morning cleanse, giving the skin an overnight rejuvenation. The mask is made of pomegranate and some other superfoods, and is supposed to enhance the skin’s glow and reduce ageing. As I am only 18 I can’t really comment on the ageing concept, but I definitely agree that it makes the skin more glowy, something I NEED as a dry skin gal, especially in winter. Overall, I love this and would repurchase full price.

CLE Melting Lip Powder: ‘Blushing Peach’ (£15):

When we first opened the box we were so confused by this product, as it claims to be a ‘long lasting matte lip and cheek tint’, but is in powder form. After researching how to use this, the idea is that, one applied to skin, the powder reacts and transforms to a tint for the lips and cheeks. I was at first skeptical, but after trying I LOVE it! For me personally it is best as a blush over a lip colour as I don’t really wear peach colours on the lips, but it will of course be to other people’s tastes. Overall, this is such an amazing idea and is a nice bit of something different.

Number 4 Haircare Sugar Texturising Spray (£20):

This is supposed to be used by applying before styling, giving added texture and volume to the hair, similar to a sea salt spray. I have tried this a couple of times and have to say that it does do the job, and makes my hair more voluminous, but, I did find it a little sticky. I don’t find this a problem and I will definitely use it again, but if I had paid £20 for a 145ml bottle I might have thought otherwise. I am impressed with how it adds volume, but let’s just say that I am pleased I didn’t pay full price for it.

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel (£8.50):

A lot of brands are coming out with these recently, with ‘Bilou’ and ‘Imperial Leather’ coming to mind. This comes out of the aerosol can in the form of foam, and then can be used as a shower gel would usually be.  This does the job as a shower gel, but again, as with the ‘Number 4’ product, I wouldn’t pay full price when there are other cheaper brands on the market. I am glad I got to try this in our box though, and I do love foaming shower gels as they are something a little more fun, fresh and novelty, but I would rather just buy one from a cheaper brand as I have noticed no difference in my skin after using it.

Dirty Little Secret Eyeshadow crayon ‘Fetch’ (£10.50): 








Every month Birchbox email you with a choice of one of two shades of one of the makeup products in the box, with this month providing a choice between one of two of these eyeshadow crayons. We of course chose the gold toned one, called ‘Fetch’.

As a lazy person, I absolutely love eyeshadow crayons and find them so easy to wear on their own and blend out. Therefore, I was really excited about this.  When I applied it I realized that it is actually quite subtle, and therefore probably better as a base for a powder or for a really light wash of colour. If that is what you are looking for, this is lovely, but I personally prefer more pigmented eye shadow crayons that I can just chuck on when I only have 5 mins before I have to leave for work. (Take the NYX crayons, for example). If it sounds like your cup of tea, definitely check it out though.

Have you tried or heard of any of these brands? Or are you subscribed to Birchbox? Let us and Emma know!

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