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August 2018 Favourites


Welcome to my first monthly favourites! I can’t believe it is almost September! Here are my favourites for August divided up into Food, Beauty and Health, and finally Entertainment.



Tesco Mixed Berry Helter Skelter and Rowntrees Fruit Pastel Ice Lollies

In the recent boiling weather, I became addicted to ice lollies! It’s embarrassing really how many I got through, but girls got to do what a girls got to do! My favourites are the Tesco Mixed Berry Helter Skelter with a sweet blackcurrant flavour and at only £1 for a box is a bargain. I also enjoyed eating the Rowntrees Fruit Pastel ice lollies on the layer at a time. I love the zingy flavours especially the citrus flavour. It also brings back happy memories of visiting my grandma and grandpa as a child and spending time in their garden as we always had one as a treat.


Water Infuser

Twinning Water In’fuse Pink Lemonade (my review: and recently I have been trying out the Sainsburys own brand version (keep an eye out for a future blog review soon). I love these as an addition to water, to add flavour without adding sugar. I have been chugging water in this heat so this flavour makes a nice change.

Morrisons Eat smart Tomato and Three Bean Soup


I have this soup pretty much every day for lunch. It is not only delicious, with a slightly spicy tomato sauce but is filling with the beans for protein without making you feel tired and sluggish. At only 45p it makes a very cheap lunch!

By Chloe.

My favourite meal by far this month has been my Mac and Cheese and cupcake at By Chloe. See my full review for mouth-watering photos; It was scrumptious, I still can’t believe it was vegan and plant-based. I can’t wait to go back!

Beauty and Health

Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

I love how this makes my lashes look. I like that makes my eyelashes look defined, long and fluttery without being clumpy. It is the perfect way to complete my make up routine ( It also lasts as well as a waterproof mascara and comes off without pulling or tugging your eyes.

Sun Cream Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Mist SPF 30


As I said we have been blessed with warm weather in the UK but my skin doesn’t tan it just burns! So I have to apply sun cream.  I don’t like thick suncream which takes ages to sink in. This sun cream is amazing, I spray a layer over my skin, it applies very directly without painting the environment around me! Just rub it in and ta-dah, I am are ready to go! It sinks into my skin quickly without leaving a sticky residue so I can get dressed without getting white marks on my clothes.

Boots Multivitamin Probiotics


Recently my body started to feel sluggish! So I decided I would start taking a multivitamin and a probiotic to see if it makes a difference. Boots have a combined vitamin and probiotic, perfect all in one. I was sceptical at first as to whether they would help but I was pleasantly surprised I have noticed a massive improvement after taking these for one month. My skin looks glowing and my nails have become stronger. I have also noticed my digestion is a lot smoother and I like a fully oiled machine! Why does that make me blush? The only thing I would say is either take this tablet with food or don’t drink too much water otherwise it can make you feel a bit queasy.

Perspex Deo


I don’t cope well with heat (hence the ice lollies), I basically melt! I felt my deodorant wasn’t keeping me dry (sexy I know!) so I started using Perspex after my shower. I have been amazed by the results it keeps me dry for 4 days! It even keeps me dry when I go to the gym. I just top up with my normal deodorant every day. Definitely a holy grail product for me now!



Louise Pentland Wilde About the Girl.

This book is the perfect summer read. It mostly light-hearted with a serious undertone which kept me gripped. Check out my blog post of the full review

A Day in the Life Jeffree Star Documentary.

The bravery and honest both Jeffree and Shane Dawson showed really struck me, I had to write a blog post straight away after; All episode where stunningly made, and I related to both Jeffree and Shanes struggles.

Demi Lovato Tell Me You Love Me Album

This album has been a favourite for about six months now, the mix of power ballads and dance tunes suites whatever mood I am feeling and helps to cheer me up and make me feel powerful. Check out my favourite songs and how they have helped me in this blog post;


Me and Boyfriend watched all the episodes in two weeks. It provides relatable light-hearted humour perfect to watch after a long day at work.

Jessie B

Her YouTube Channel has brought me happiness and comfort during the low points of the month (full review here:


What are your favourites this month? Let me know in the comments below!

E. x