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August 2018 YouTuber of the Month – Jessie B.

Image taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5G7daJfB1k

Welcome to my first addition of YouTuber of the month (Woop Woop!). I want to share which YouTuber I have enjoyed watching each month. YouTube is refreshing to me as I find it more realistic as unlike most other media sources it is everyday for people with something to say. I have often found this comforting through tough times.

Jessie B (https://bit.ly/2hofVKB) is a beauty and lifestyle channel. I have been watching since Jessie first started in September 2016. It has been wonderful to watch her develop and become more self-confident over the last couple of years.

Jessie is from Ireland and has the most adorable Irish accent. She is always upbeat and chatty in her videos. Each video is clearly well planned out but still relaxed.  I find her videos very engaging, even when I went through a rough patch and wasn’t even interested in reading, Jessie’s videos provided a temporary distraction for me from how I was feeling. Her sense of humour cheered me up as well.

I appreciate Jessie’s honesty in her videos, it is refreshing to have someone be so honest and true to herself. It is clear that she loves to film her videos and that passion comes through. She has covered some difficult topic on her channel with integrity. Her video on abortion was incredibly well articulated and spoken with a lot of passion and soul.

For me by far, her most addictive videos are her hauls. Her upbeat attitude is sure to cheer me up when I am having a down day. She often does hauls for online stores such as Shein and Zaful. I am always a bit apprehensive about ordering online especially if they are not a well-known brand so it is great to see Jessie give an honest review of their clothing.

She was one of the people who inspired me just to start my blog and see what happens, just like she did with her YouTube channel.


Currently, Jessie has 204,101 subscribers but I feel she deserves loads more so help me spread the love. I cannot wait to see what she does next and will continue to be an avid viewer!

Do you have any YouTuber’s you would recommend watching?

E. x