Blogging as an Introvert

Hello and Welcome Back! To start, I want to define what an introvert is. As despite common misconceptions it is not being shy. An introvert is simply someone who recharges their energy from being alone rather than being surrounded by people. This does not mean they hate being around people! It is just that they find it draining.

A little while ago I wrote a post about the benefits of being an introverts called A Letter to my Fellow Introverts. Including being creative and emotionally aware. Both which are characteristics which I think make a great blogger. However, being an introvert, I sometimes feel like it impacts on my blogs success.

In many ways blogging is an ideal hobby for a an introvert as it is mostly just you, your laptop and thoughts. Despite this, I find sharing on social media unnatural and worry that it will impact on the success of my blog.

So that is my thoughts on being a introverted blogger. I asked on Twitter about other introverted bloggers experiences. Here is what they said.

Anna from

I am a much better writer than impromptu speaker, so blogging plays to my strengths and allows me to make a positive difference in ways that are most natural to me. More and more blogging has shown me the power I have as an introvert and helped me to fully embrace and love who I am. It has also led to opportunities to meet and connect with others like me.

Sammy from

As an introverted person, I have found it hard to put myself out there on social media platforms to grow my blog. However, once I overcame that barrier, I found it really fun to meet new people and discover new blogs – in fact, it’s been really good for me to have a safe space to go online when I can’t really face the real world!

Anne from

Blogging as an introvert can be so so difficult. Each and every day I see bloggers really putting themselves out there and getting brand work and making money because they aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. Being an introvert myself I have found it so so difficult to do this! This affects me in many ways like – makes me feel useless/worthless – Makes me want to give up on my blog – Makes me so unmotivated I’m sure there are many people who struggle with this too! But we will get there. It may take a little more time for us to get there but we will. Don’t give up!

Liz from

Being a blogger and an introvert is a bit of an oxymoron sometimes! I sometimes struggle with interacting with my readers. I love reading people’s comments on my blog; however being an introvert it also makes me feel quite overwhelmed. Because of this I often take a while to reply – I’m not being rude I’m just an introvert.

Mom of the Moment from

Blogging is quite possibly the best job for a creative introvert. While I’m not rolling in dough (more like coinage) I’m able to get my ideas out into the world without that ‘end of the day, completely exhausted from human interaction’ feeling.

Sarah from

I stuttered as a child, so I didn’t talk much. I have a lot going on in my mind that I want to get out, but talking is not my biggest strong suit. I find that writing is my most productive way of communicating, and blogging helps me convey my thoughts. 

Paper Sounds from

Being an introvert and a blogger at the same time means challenging the part of my introversion that is shy of expressing opinions and impressions. Definitely a challenge every time I click the ‘publish’ button on the blog, but a challenge that is a step ahead in being more confident each time that button is pressed. Introversion may never go away but with blogging there’s a gain in confidence on one’s opinions for sure.

Natasha and Emily from

Blogging as an introvert is amazing! It is great to have somewhere to express our thoughts and feelings on the internet and to be able to talk to like minded people, share opinions and most importantly make friends and support fellow bloggers.

Charli from

Blogging is a hobby for me right now, and it is the perfect hobby for introverts like myself right along with reading(another of my hobbies). However, sometimes I get so lost in my hobbies that I forget to get off of my computer and out my books and enjoy my surroundings. I believe a balance is important and is possible without trying to change who you are.

Naomi from

I love writing, I have loved writing since I was little – creating new worlds and various characters to inhabit them or finding a voice for all of my thoughts that sometimes feel so jumbled. Starting a blog felt like a wonderful place to share some of these thoughts – and it is, but publicising it on social media is the hard bit for me. This is for a number of reasons… probably, and most notably, because of my own personality. I am a Mediator, a ‘dreamy idealist’ – this, in turn, makes me sensitive and empathetic. If I see someone on my feed struggling with their mental health, I want to help, whether I know them or not is irrelevant. The ‘I’ in the little acronym though, is for introverted – and it didn’t take me long to realise that Twitter is basically hundreds, if not thousands, of people all talking at the same time. If I spend a long time on Twitter, I feel as exhausted as if I had spent time socialising. I am learning that I need to limit the amount of time I spend scrolling and absorbing other people’s emotions… which invariably means less time procrastinating and more time writing, so it’s not a bad thing.

It was so wonderful to read everyone’s thoughts on being an introvert. It seems that for all of us blogging has allowed us to express our thoughts and find like minded people.

Are you an introverted blogger? If so I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Emma x

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