Booja-Booja Chocolate Dairy-Free Food Review Vegan

Booja-Booja Fine De Champagne Truffles Review

Now, who doesn’t love chocolate? I certainly do! Though, I try not to eat it too often partly because I know it is not good for you and partly because dairy can make me bloat (attractive, I know!!). These Booja-Booja Fine De Champagne Truffles are by far my favourite chocolate treat. They are dairy-free and only contain six natural ingredients. Unlike most dairy-free chocolates I have tried these actually melt in your mouth and have a smooth centre similar to the creamy and smooth centre of Lindt truffles. The light champagne taste is subtle and comes as more of a refreshing aftertaste. It takes a lotĀ of willpower for me not to eat the whole box in one sitting! The packaging is also beautiful making them a lovely gift for friends, family and even for yourself!
What is your favourite sweet treat?


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