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Book Review: Beautiful, Complicated Family Volume 1 & 2 *gifted

Hello and Welcome Back! It’s been a while since I’ve done a book review. When life got a bit overwhelming (as discussed in my previous post Hello again!) not only did blogging go out the window but so did reading. I was keen to get back into reading but didn’t know where to start!

So when Rosey Lee contacted me to review her two short stories, Beautiful Complicated Family, it felt like perfect timing. Being a short story I thought it would be an easy transition back into reading. Then I read the blurb and I was instantly intrigued as I’m sure you will be too!

The Blurb for Beautiful, Complicated Family: Volume 1 & 2.

Explore the connections that can hold people together or tear them apart. The stories in this collection capture struggles that are common in today’s families—secrets, mother-daughter conflicts, coping with aging family members, and a more subtle question of what makes a family. The issues will seem familiar to you, but there are unexpected twists when you least expect them. The relatable characters and endings may pull at your heartstrings, so don’t be surprised if you laugh or cry along the way. Like most families, the relationships in this uplifting collection consist of intricate elements. Sometimes things get messy, but it’s always beautiful. Each volume contains five flash fiction stories (very short stories of 1000 words or less each). Read each story in about 5 minutes and get Volume 2 of the collection for free using a link within Volume 1.

See I told you, you would be intrigued! I always prefer to read stories that are focused around families as I always find it more interesting than romantic stories. As it less predictable in my opinion!

I read both books in one journey to work. Despite being an easy read each chapter which was its own story instantly gripped you. As well as pulling on your emotions and making you feel very empathetic towards every single character.

There was also a great variation in the relationships between all the characters. From best friends, a nanny, aunties and more! My favourite part of both books was when Ada gave her best friend Lesley a Performance Improvement Plan which was not only endearing but also appealed to the Human Resource Manager in me! For those of you who don’t know I studied HR at Keele University.

So if you are looking to start getting into reading or like I was looking to get back into reading give Beautiful, Complicated Family a read. It is the perfect way to get back into a reading with a simple yet gripping read.

My review is part of the Beautiful, Complicated Family blog tour so be sure to check out other bloggers reviews as well. I can’t wait to read other bloggers reviews.

Also, Rosey Lee is also offering readers of the blog tour a chance to win an Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet or £50 gift voucher for somewhere of your choice! Just click the link here to enter

Good luck!


Emma x

Gifted for review purposes but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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