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Book Review: Reader, I Married Me! by Sophie Tanner

Hello and Welcome Back! Today I am sharing with you my review for Reader, I Married Me! by Sophie Tanner. Before I share my thoughts lets start with the authors synopsis.

Chloe Usher has just broken up with the love of her life. All her friends urge her to find another man before she disappears down the slippery slope to spinsterhood. After a particularly messy date and several gins, she decides that she doesn’t need an ‘other half’ to complete her and announces that she is going to marry herself. The news goes viral and, in the sober light of day, Chloe finds herself thrust firmly into the public eye, to the embarrassment of her friends and family. Planning her wedding solo takes Chloe on a bumpy journey of self-discovery, as she realises she needn’t wish away her life waiting for ‘the one’ when she is, in fact, the one!

The Author, Sophie Tanner, made news in 2015 for marrying… herself! Which at first sounds crazy but it is actually a public decleration of self love. She basically realises that you are the only constant in your life so you need to take care of yourself. Sophie is clearly writing from a place she knows which often makes the best novels!

This story is about Chloe an Account Executive for a PR company who is in a long term relationship with her partner Ant. She appears to be living her best life being on track for promotion and a strong stable relationship with Ant. Yet things aren’t as they seem, as they often aren’t when you are looking at someone else’s life.

Early on in the book is it clear that Chloe is not a priority for Ant. She is often treated as a second thought. I felt deep empathy for her as I as I’m sure we all have, have experienced relationships when you know you aren’t their priority. She then discovers Ant has been cheating on her (the way she finds out it is hilarious though).

After taking some time to heal her broken heart, Chloe gets back into dating. Experiences the modern dating world of Apps, Social Media stalking and the pressure to know what you want out of life.

At the same time her work falls apart, she doesn’t get the promotion she was expecting too and after a mistake was fired.

The whole time she is sharing her experience on her blog which leads her to get in contact with a reader, Katy, who relates to how she feels.

After several failed dates one night she announces on her blog that she is engaged to herself with mixed feedback. As Chloe grows in confidence in her decision, her relationships with her friends and family grow stronger too. I won’t tell you anymore as I don’t want to spoil the story for you!

Overall, Reader, I Married Me! Is a funny and relatable story about a woman trying to navigate the modern world, whilst learning who she is and in turn herself worth. Importantly Chloe learns not to let her mistakes define her. This story also covers how life events can alter your mental health and how you shouldn’t be afraid to seek out help.

Why not give Reader, I Married Me, a read when it is published by Trapeze Books in May 2019? In the meantime what are you reading at the moment?


Emma x

Disclaimer: Gifted in exchange for this post but all opinions are my own.

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