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Get Organised Week: How to Declutter and Organise Your Home!

Hello and Welcome Back! Now we are well into January and truly back into reality with Christmas feeling like a distant memory. *sob!*It feels time get organised. So this week I am sharing my Get Organised week! I am going to share with you this week my advice on how to organise your home, money …

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Wednesday Wisdom: Advice on How to be Body Confident

No-one, including myself, is 100% body confident all of the time. I wish we could be but it seems to be a part of being human (welcome to the club!). When it gets problematic is when it consumes your thought and in turn negatively influences your behaviour, such as deciding not to go out or not …

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Interview Advice from a Recruiter

I have lost count of how many interviews I did during graduate season. Including, telephone interviews, Skype interview and video recorded interview. Now I work in recruitment so spend my day interviewing candidates on the phone and in person. As well as preparing candidates for interviews with clients. So along the way I have picked up a few …