Cruelty Free L’Oreal Dupes? Derma V10 Face Masks.

Hello and Welcome Back! Like most people, a brands ethics is becoming increasingly important to me when purchasing a product. I’m sure most of you have heard of the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks. I have actually included the Blemish Rescue one in my January 2019 Favourites. I love that mask however, I have recently found a cruelty free dupe by DermaV10 which is also cheaper. Double bonus!

I found these DermaV10 Clay Masks in Bodycare but you can also get them on Amazon. I tried the clay mask with eucalyptus first and loved it. So I had to go back and try the full range.

Before I go into each mask and its benefits. I wanted to tell you about DermaV10 values as they are impressive. They promise not to test on animals, use recyclable packaging when possible and provide their customers with value for money. All great big ticks for me!

Clay Mask with Eucalyptus

As I mention Clay Mask with Eucalyptus is the first mask I tried from the range. According to the box it is designed to purify (thanks to the eucalyptus), moisturise and soothe (with vitamin E and honey). I would say that is exactly what it does! It leaves my skin feeling refreshed but without drying it out. It is also you stereotypical spa face mask colour which I love.

Clay Mask with Charcoal

The Clay Mask with Charcoal is designed to detoxify and tighten the pores (using the clay and charcoal). Again it also soothes with vitamin E and moisturises with honey. This mask is a great detox for my skin. You only need to use a thin layer so a little goes a long way.

I use this during my the time of the month when I get hormonal break outs on my chin and I find it really helps to de-congest the skin. I always find the day after I use this mask I get a few break outs on my chin were the impurities have been drawn out. So maybe don’t use this mask before an event!

Clay Mask with Red Algae

The final mask in the range is the Clay Mask with Red Algae, which is designed to exfoliate, brighten using red algae and again soothe (with, you guessed it, vitamin E and honey). This face mask has ground walnut in it providing a physical exfoliate for the skin. I used this mask when my skin was looking really dull and it instantly perked my skin up. Even my boyfriend noticed the difference.

I love this masks and can’t wait to try more products from DermaV10. Do you love any DermaV10 products if so let me know? I would love to try more. Also what is your favourite cruelty free brand?


Emma x

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