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Day Out: Dublin

Hello and Welcome Back! It’s been a week since I last posted on my blog. Though it was nice to take a break I have missed it. The reason I took a break was because my boyfriend and I went to Ireland for the week. We had an amazing time visiting Dublin, Galway and Limerick. This week I am going to share with you what we discovered. Starting today with Dublin.

We stayed in Dublin on our first day and the last day of our holiday. In today’s post I will share with you what we got up to both days, with lots of photos, of course!

We arrived in Dublin at 7am after getting the Irish Ferry at 3am! It was a little rocky and I felt a little seasick but managed to sleep it off! We then arrived at Hueston and got the Tram (also known as the Luas) to O’Connell Street.

This is a hospital next to Hueston Station.

The easiest way to describe O’Connell Street is that it is Dublin’s version of Oxford Street in London. It was very busy so difficult to take photos but I did get a photo of the post office where Easter Rising leaders met to get ready to separate Ireland from the UK. Of the side of the building which is far less impressive than the front! It was a truly stunning building on the inside with amazing architecture.

On the high street it was fun spotting UK shops with different names! Such as Primark is called Penny’s and Poundland is called Dealz!

Now what would a Believe in Bumble Day Out post be without a book shop. We went to Easons on O’Connell Street which has books, records, DVDs and so much more. Easons is like Waterstones and WHSmiths combined. I managed to resist buying any books but added alot to my reading list! 

We stayed at the Maldron Hotel and were lucky enough to get a room with a balcony. I got some great photos of the view. In the distance you can see the snow on the mountains!

The photo below is of the Spire of Dublin also known as the Monument of Light which is on O’Connell’s Street. The top lights up in the dark.

On our final day of our holiday we went to Dun Laoghaire, just outside of Dublin. It was easy to get to on the DART taking just 30 minutes. The DART is just like the overground in London. Just like with an Oyster Card you can use a Leap Card to tap on and off. If you ever visit Dublin I recommend getting a Leap Card it saves you 1/3 off your fare each time you travel.

Dun Laoghaire is a beautiful port town. It used to be the port you would arrive into Ireland in before the ships got to big. We walked along the pier and of course, I took photos along the way!

The photos below shows the light house at the end of the pier. Fan fact, under the light house is an ice cream shop called Teddy’s. Of course, we both got 99 ice creams. Which I tried to eat without getting hair in my mouth!

This photo below shows a diagram which allows you to turn your shadow into a clock. It was surprisingly accurate!

Below is the band stand on the pier. I bet in the summer it is lovely listening to music with the view of the sea.

The photo below reminds me of the Childrens TV show Balamory! Does it remind anyone else of Balamory?

In the photos below we are standing on one part of Ireland looking over at another.

I can imagine the house in the building below would be the perfect escape from modern life. If I was there I would spend a week relaxing, reading and probably baking too. Hmm heaven!

So there you go! There is what we discovered in both Dublin and Dun Loaghaire. I also I hope I have inspired you to visit Dublin. I would love to go back. When I do, is there anywhere I should do that I missed off?

Come back on Wednesday to see what I discovered in Galway and Friday to see what I discovered in Limerick!


Emma x

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