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Day Out: Ely

Hello and Welcome Back! In the UK we have had lovely spring weather recently with lots of sunshine, Though sadly it has been raining the last couple of days! A couple of weekends ago my Boyfriend, Mum and I decided to go to Ely in Cambridgeshire. Ely is a short drive from my home town, St Ives, so we just went for a couple of hours. We went on a walk to enjoy the sunshine and of course, take some photos. In today’s post I’m going to share what we discovered.

Ely is a city with a small town feel. As I used to come here a lot as a child on bike rides it is a comforting place to be. Walking around brought back so many happy memories.

When we first arrived we walked around Ely Cathedral. What struck me about the Cathedral was how detailed the architecture was. You can go into the Cathedral but as there was a service going on we didn’t feel comfortable going in an interrupting them.

One of my Days Out posts isn’t complete without some close up photos of some flowers.

You know spring is here when the daffodils are here.

We then stopped for coffee before heading down to the river. Near the river is an antique shop which have been to a couple of times before. I was so disappointed that it was closed as I love discovering what is in an antique shop. I also remember that this one had particularly nice vintage jewellery.

So instead we went on a walk along the river before sitting down and enjoying the sunshine. It was wonderful to walk along the river, soak up the sunshine and see the water glisten.

Next to the River is a park with a children’s playground and some sculptures. The field was covered in daisy’s, another sign that spring is here!

There is also a bandstand in the park. I can imagine it is lovely to listen to music here in the summer with a picnic overlooking the river.

The photos below looks just like a giant rock but it is in fact a water sculpture. Even the crow in the photo seems to be fascinated by it!

A sculpture of an Eel!

There you go. That was my short and sweet post about our morning out in Ely. How have you been making the most of the spring weather?

Emma x

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