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Day Out: Galway

Hello and Welcome Back! Last week my boyfriend and I went to Ireland for our holiday. On Monday I shared with you what we discovered in Dublin. You can check out that post here. Today I am going to share with you what we discovered in Galway.

We took the train from Dublin to Galway which took three hours. The trains are lovely though with wifi, refreshments and your name on the seat reservations. I am a sucker for anything personalised! 

We arrived in Galway and walked around the city centre. The cobbled streets and old colourful buildings really made me feel like I had travelled back in time.

The city centre was filled with independent shops a highlight for me was the Treasure Chest. Which not only looked beautiful on the outside it was filled with little trinkets and Irish goodies.

Of course, another highlight for me was Charlie Byrne’s Books. An independent book shop with both secondhand and new books. Something I noticed in Ireland is that every book shop had an Irish section showing off the best from Irish authors which I thought was nice.

In the centre of Galway was a park which was filled with statues and sculptures.

American President, John Kennedy became a Freeman of Galway in 1983. Something, I didn’t know before but I think it is really interesting.

We then stopped at Milano (also known as Pizza Express in the UK). I had a delicious pizza. To be honest I was so hungry I wolfed down my pizza without even taking a photo. Bad blogger! *Taps back of hand*

Anyway, we then checked into our hotel which was a pub called Garvey’s Stout. It was a lovely cosy hotel. We then went back out to Galway Bay. Even though the weather was a bit grey, it still was beautiful.

What sea facing view is complete without some colourful houses?!

Of course there was lots of boats, we even saw one that had sunk. I feel sorry for that boatman!

There where also lots of swans and seagulls.

I’m not sure what breed the bird photographed below is but it is cute! If you do know, please let me know.

I also got some photos of the surrounding countryside.

We were just about to leave when a local asked if we had seen the dolphin. To be honest we thought he was mad at first. You would never expect dolphins in Ireland. We waited and we saw the dolphin, well it’s fin at least! We also saw a seal. My boyfriend’s Grand Dad said we were very lucky as he has been to Galway Bay countless time and never seen a dolphin or seal.

Galway is the perfect port city with plenty of shops, restaurants and even dolphins! Have you even been to Galway before? If so have I missed anything off that I should do next time I visit? 

Come back on Friday for my final Ireland post *sob*. On Friday I will share with you what I discovered in Limerick. 

Emma x

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