Day out

Day Out: Guildhall Great Hall and Evening Walk Round St Pauls Garden.

Hope you are all enjoying reading what I got up to last week, did you see Monday’s post about my trip to the Sky Garden? Another day my Auntie, Uncle and I visited Guildhall Great Hall, Bank of England and St Pauls Garden.

I didn’t take photos in the Bank of England but it is definitely worth a visit. We only planned to spend a couple of hours there and ended up spending 6 hours there! There is a documentary about Gold Bars by Stephen Fry, you can touch a gold bar and there are loads of interactive activities. I learnt so much about the history of money.

Guildhall Great Hall

The Guildhall Great Hall is free to visit, we were the only ones there to explore. It is the old town hall and a medieval structure!

Front of the Guildhall
Back of the Guildhall
War Memorial Statue
Not sure what this is but stunning detail with crests
Winston Churchill Statue
Statues scattered across the hall!
The standard of Length for one foot, two feet and imperial yard.
Stainglass Window and Metre!

St Pauls Garden Evening Walk

St Pauls Garden is free to walk around but I will have to go back to visit inside one day. When I last went when I was a child. An old man offered me St Pauls as a venue for my wedding as his daughter didn’t want it anymore and was getting married on a beach!! 

St Paul’s Statue in Church Yard

Flaming Orb Monument and St Pauls

As we continued to walk, to be honest, we were searching for food (!), we came across this beautiful Monument known as the Flaming Orb.

Christs Hospital Remains and Gardens

The garden is surrounded by the remains of the Christs Hospital. The garden was simple yet amazing filled with lots of different plants and flowers.

Rowland Hill Statue

Using app or website, shown on the side of the statue, Rowland can ‘call’ you to tell you about how and why he created the stamp! Before he created the stamp the person who recieved the letter had to pay for postage. Meaning that letter writing was only for the rich! I plan to find more of these ‘talking’ statues. Do you know any?

So there you go. It is amazing what you can discover if you take the time to walk around in London.


Emma x