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Day Out: Hyde Park and Kensington Park.

To be honest with you the last time I went to Hyde Park was for Winter Wonderland last year! As it is a Bank Holiday Monday I decided to take a walk through both parks (starting at Hyde Park Corner Tube Station and ending at South Kensington Tube Station) to see what I discovered. I love taking long walks with my camera. There is so much to see at Hyde Park and Kensington Park you couldn’t do it all in one day so I definitely plan to return again soon, especially whilst the weather is still nice.


The flowers throughout both parks were bold and beautiful. I couldn’t help but take photos of them.

Just to mix it up a bit, some trees as well…

Boy and Dolphin Fountain

It looks more like a fish to be than a dolphin but nevertheless, the amount of detail carved onto the statue including the scales is worth admiring.

The Huntress Fountain

I assumed this was a statue of Cupid but clearly I was wrong. It is a statue of Diana, the goddess of hunting which is much more powerful!

Rock with Heron

I thought herons spent their time near water but clearly, this one likes to be the centre of attention!

Queen Caroline Memorial

Until I saw this memorial I did not realise she was the wife of King George the Second, which just shows you how much attention I paid in history lessons!

Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk

Plaques to mark the scenic lakeside walk, alongside The Serpentine Lake. On the otherside was the Diana memorial fountain which was stunningly simple filled with children playing in the water.

The Serpentine Lake with The Mastaba

I wondered what the colourful floating statue was but apparently, it is called The Mastaba but looks like loads of tubes stacked ontop of eachother.

Birds on the Serpentine Lake

Serpentine Bridge

Serenity Statue

This Statue is apparently inspired by the Egyptian goddess of Nature.


The Serpentine Gallery

The Physical Energy Statue

To me it is just a man on a horse but hey ho!

Speke Monument

This statue is in memory of John Hanning Speke who discovered Lake Victoria and led expiditions to the Source of the River Nile.

The Band Stand

The Queen Victoria Statue

The Sunken Gardens within Kensington Palace.

This is a beautiful garden where Princess Diana used to spend alot of time. I can see why she did! One day I would love to have a garden filled with lots of flowers that I can spend my time in.

Kensington Palace Gates

I remember from documentaries about Princess Diana’s death, seeing these gates being covered in flowers. They do look stunning with the intricate gold detailing.


Kensington Palace

Statue of King William the Third.

Tusks Rhino

This rhino is outside Kensington Palace, to advertise of the charity Tusks. Tusks are trying to raise awareness for African Wildlife Conservation.


The Albert Memorial

This stunning memorial for Prince Albert is a physical representation of how much Queen Victoria loved Prince Albert. It is not only covered in gold with a gold Prince Albert in the centre, there are paintings on all four sides as well as marble statues in each corner.

The Royal Albert Hall

Finally, just across the road from The Albert Memorial is The Royal Albert Hall, where BBC Proms is held.

I hope you enjoy looking at these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them. As I said at the start of this post, there is so much to see I couldn’t possibly visit it all in one day. I hope this gave you an idea of what there is and inspired you to go and explore for yourself. I plan to go back to explore the rest of the parks and find the Peter Pan statue. What would you recommend seeing in Hyde Park and Kensington Park?

E. x