Day out

Day Out: Isle of Wight

Welcome back to another Day Out post! Today I am sharing with you what I got up to on the Isle of Wight. My partner and I have a tradition of going away for the first weekend in January. It is a great way to combat the January blues and you can get some fantastic hotel prices in the boxing day sale.

On Friday night we took the train from London Waterloo (whenever I say Waterloo I always hear the ABBA song in my head! Is it just me!?) to Southampton. The journey was nice and easy. It was only 1 hour 30 minutes and of course I blogged so the time flew by. We stayed at a travel lodge ready to get a good night sleep before heading off to the Isle of Wight in the morning.

Saturday morning we took the Red Funnel Ferry from Southampton Port to East Cowes. Red Funnel Ferry had a couple of teddy bear captains called Ruby and Ted which part of me regrets not getting. I do love a gift shop Teddy Bear! Anyway, the ferry ride itself was easy we just walked on and 45 minutes later walked off again.

Our ferry is the big one in the back.

Whilst on the ferry I couldn’t resist going on the the upper deck balcony and taking some photos. It was not always easy as the sea was a little choppy making me a bit shaky but I am really pleased with how the photos turned out.

Castle on Southampton Shores.
Five blue towers along Southampton.
Land of Towers in Southampton.
Three Idyllic Houses on the Isle of Wight.
The end of the Isle of Wight.
In case, you aren’t sure just a clear sign that the Isle of Wight is in the United Kingdom!
Church on the Isle of Wight.
Docks on the Isle of Wight
Bright Yellow House Against the Green.
Bright Pink house and more docks!
Six Green Huts all in a Row.
Isle of Wight Homes.
Boat taking off!

Once we arrived at the Isle of Wight we walked a short distance to the bus stop. We got the 5 bus to Newport which was fairly frequent (every 20 minutes) and only £3.50 each. The views on the bus were amazing, full of fields. If the weather was warmer I would of loved to have walked round the fields. However, it was very blustery and cold!

We arrived in Newport and before checking into the hotel decided to have a wonder round the town centre. The first thing that caught my eye was unsurprisingly this bright yellow wall with a design by @N8than8 and covered by fairy lights. I do love fairy lights!

As walked further into the town centre we came across this memorial and of course a Christmas tree! I know we can’t have Christmas trees up all year but they do brighten up the town centre.

As we wandered further we came across this beautiful church with yes, you’ve guessed it, a Christmas tree!

Just what Instagram is missing a Rose Gold Lamp post.

Walking further into the town centre you come across The Guildhall with guess what another Christmas tree! This is now the Museum and Visitors Centre. It was closed. I would like to go there though. I do enjoy a good museums. I think Museums much like Marmite are a love hate activity!

We had then planned to go to Alum Bay too breathe in the sea air, see the multicoloured sand and The Needles. Disappointingly, it was closed due to bad weather! So we walked to our hotel and checked in.

So we decided to get some lunch so headed to the local Wetherspoons called the Man in the Moon which was inside and old church. It really did look, dare I say impressive!

The Man in the Moon!

We then checked into the hotel. My partner wasn’t feel very well. I think the caught the horrible cold that is going round. Poor thing! So I left him to rest (he asked me to I didn’t just abandon him when he was feeling sick!) and explore what was around.

The first thing I came across was this antique shop. It was mostly furniture and a few nick nacks. There were also some parrots in the shop chatting away to themselves.

As I kept walking I discovered Gray’s Walk which is just off the main high street and full of independent shop. The walk itself is names after Valentine Gray who at aged 10 was found dead stuck in a chimney. As a result of his tragic death laws were brought in so boys could no longer be chimney sweeps.

Entrance/Exit leading back onto the high street.

My favourite independent shop was Annabelle’s Craft Shop. It was, as you would expect, a crafters dream. Filled with beads, stickers, paint, glitter and everything else in between.

The highlight for me was Comicoffee. An independent coffee shop on the high street. As you would expect it was comic booked themed as you can tell from the interior design photographed below.

I had a delicious white chocolate mocha but you could also have milk or dark chocolate. They also had comic themed milkshakes. My favourites included the Wookie Cooke, the Sidekick and the Pixel Muncher. They also do waffles and cakes which look delicious.

To top it all off the staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was very relaxed. You don’t have to be a comic book fan to visit!

I then headed back to the hotel to check on my partner. We decided to have a quiet evening. The only places to eat out near by was Prezzo and as neither of use fancied that we ordered as take away and relaxed.

There you go! I really did love the Isle of Wight as everyone was so friendly and as always it was nice to escape London for a slower pace of life. I would love to go back in the Summer and visit Carisbrooke Castle and Alum Bay as both which were closed.

Don’t forget to follow my blog to see what we got up to on day two of our weekend away.

Have you been to the Isle of Wight? Is there anything I should do when I go back?