Day out

Day Out: Kew Gardens

Last weekend as the autumn weather was still bright I decided to explore Kew Gardens with my Mum, Sister and her boyfriend. I had heard Kew Gardens is beautiful and was not disappointed. We arrived through the Victoria Gate a short walk from Kew Gardens tube station. I had booked our tickets online which I would recommend as you get to skip the long queue of people buying tickets their tickets on the day! A adult ticket costs £16 online. Kew Garden is huge (it is the size of my hometown!) with so much to explore you could easily spend days there.

This tower doesn’t appear to have a name but it one of the first buildings you see when you arrive at the Gardens.

We sat down to have a cup of tea and plan our “plan of attack” for the day. There is so much to see you couldn’t possibly do it all in one day so its a good idea to have a rough plan for what you want to see. We used the map and the Guide Book which costs £6 which I would highly recommend. It is full of useful information and stunning photographs. This pine cone tree was next to our table. I have never seen baby pine ones before.

The Palm House

As you would expect the Palm house was very warm! It was worth it though for the beautiful and unusual tropical plants.

You can walk around the top of the house with great views of the plants below. This is my favourite view from the top. You can even see the steam through the fogginess of the photo!

My sister’s boyfriend accidentally dropped his ticket when we were walking around the top and it landed right in the middle of the display! Which we all found hilarious! We did manage to get it back though using some good old teamwork.

Here are a few plants including a banana tree!

The light in the building made all the plants glisten in the sunlight.

Waterlilly House

Some of the Lilypads were huge! So big you could sit on them, but you would probably sink!

Around the Water Lily Lake, there were squashes hanging from the ceiling.


As you can see this lake looks splendid, surrounded by trees and statues!

I am not sure what this bird is called if you know please tell me!

Across from the lake is The Botanical, which not only looks beautiful but apparently serves afternoon tea which I would love to try next time!

This charming flower display was next to the lake. My Mum loved the outer ring of flowers as they were very bright in colour.

Rose Garden

As those of you who have seen my previous Day’s Out posts will know I love taking flower close-ups. The roses are from the Rose Garden (obvs!) and the others are from other parts of Kew Garden as they caught my eye.

Hidden Gems

All these buildings and statues we discovered whilst walking through the Garden.

The Temple of Arethusa is the perfect place for a couples photoshoot! A wedding photo would look stunning here.

The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art the building alone looks impressive, I’m sure the gallery inside was just as lovely but it was too sunny to spend the day inside.

One of the many magnificent taps for watering the plants. A lot fancier than the usual garden tap!

This Greek-inspired vase and statue was a lovely surprise on our walk to the Orangery where we stopped for a cup of tea and a cheeky slice of cake.

This is the Temple of Bellona which is easy to miss but is worth a walk around and looks remarkable surrounded by autumn leaves.


As you would expect there were loads of trees! Apparently they have over 2000 species. Below are two of my favourites.

Temperate House

This house was not as warm as the Palm house but had some splendid plants including an Aloe Vera and Orange tree!

Tree Top Walk

The Tree Top walk was magnificent. If you are scared of heights like me then don’t look down!

The most exciting part for me was seeing this wild Parakeet! He sat just below the tree top walk, eating chestnuts.

The Temperate House viewed from the tree top walk.

The Great Pagoda as viewed from the tree top walk. I like how in this photo it is framed by the tree.

The Japanese Gateway which was covered in intricate detail.

Japanese Pagoda Tower, there was dazzling dragons all along. I love this photo with everyone walking to the tower like they are drawn to it. Especially the couple who look very romantic.


An interesting piece of architecture. In the base, you can get a wooden stick, put it between your teeth and cover your ears and you can hear a lady talking about bees. Very strange!

Princess of Wales Conservatory

This Princess of Wales Conservatory included the Aquatic display. The poor turtle below looks beheaded as his body is below water and her head above water.

This plant below is called Amorphophallus Titanum which is so big it looks almost fake! Apparently, it smells bad but I couldn’t smell it.

One of the few bright and beautiful plants within the conservatory.

Another hidden gem was this graceful looking waterfall.

One room of the rooms in the Princess of Wales Observatory was dedicated to Cactus. A dream for anyone who is loving the succulent trend.

Bamboo Garden

Sackler Crossing

A splendid bridge in the middle of the beautiful lake.

As with most lakes, this lake was filled with ducks and swans! Unlike the Thames river, you can actually see through the water and see the duck’s feet paddling.

We had a wonderful day in Kew Gardens. I would love to go again and explore the rest of the garden, especially in another season.

Have you been to Kew Gardens before? What was your favourite part? If not I hope this post has inspired you to go!


Emma x