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Day Out: Notting Hill, Portobello Market and Holland Park

Hello everyone,

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far! I would love to hear what you have been up to!

Today I decide to explore Notting Hill and Portabello Road which then led on to Holland Park with my camera and good old Google Maps! Keep scrolling to see what I discovered.

George Orwell House

George Orwell was the author of Animal Farm, a book I think most people my age studied at English GCSE.  I did not know he lived in Notting Hill so that can be my something new I learnt today!

Portobello Road Shop Signs

The shops on Portobello Road surrounding Portabello Market had some interesting 3D signs pictured below.

Colourful House Surrounding the Market

One of the most Instagramable streets in London!

Other beautiful but less colourful buildings

A very symmetrical yet lovely row of houses.  

The church in the centre of Notting Hill.

The Salvation Army, right in the centre of Portobello Market.

A charming Building apparently called the Pencombe Mews.

Portobello Market Stalls

Portobello Market is full of antiques and hidden gems! Including antique cameras, plates, clothes and jewellery including a few elegant opal stone rings which I regret now buying now! Also lots and lots of delicious food and drinks.

The camera stall (in the top left) had a wide mix of cameras including polaroid cameras. I love the skirts (in the bottom left), with the perfect flair and so many patterns. An antique brooch in the top centre and antique plates in the top right. My sister would love the denim jackets in the centre bottom. Finally, one of the many streets filled with food on the bottom right.

20th Century Theatre and Electric Cinema

Sadly neither of them were open but I would love to go back and visit them. Have you been? If so what did you see there?

Shop Corners

There is so much to look at in the market but take the time to look up and admire the artworks just above the market.

Musicians and Street Performers

Throughout the market, there were amazing musicians playing both covers and original songs. All of them sounded incredible. I could have listened to them all day.

No London Tourist attraction is complete without a couple of street performers!

Trees with Beautiful Buildings

I love to take photos of the buildings contrasting with the trees surrounding them. I think its the joining of nature and man-made buildings in perfect harmony which I admire.

Wild at Heart

Probably the most magnificent flower shop ever! If I wasn’t planning on walking further that day I would have brought some to take home. Tesco flowers will have to do for now!

Hanging Flowers

The streets around Notting Hill were covered in pretty flowers such as those pictured below.


This church reminds me of a princess castle! Is that just me?

Little Sights

There were so many little sights to admire, it was the perfect place to take photos!

A good old fashioned lamp post and flowers covering a shop window.

The most pretty post box I have ever seen! The heart signs made by the local school covered the street. There was also a cute little garden centre.

A tree covered in bold and bright flowers!

The sun was shining so wonderfully today I had to take a picture. It is not often we see the sun in the UK!

This is a statue of the ruler of Ukraine between 980 and 1015.

Holland Park

The entrance of Holland Park had its own magnificent entrance. Stepping inside felt like stepping into a garden kingdom.

The garden buildings were covered in splendid plants, it is the perfect place to come and relax.

This garden even makes pidgeons look exquisite!!

The park was covered in statues to admire.

Not only were there stunning statues, there were beautiful paintings.

This building in the centre of Holland Park was covered with delightful flowers.

More flowers, this time in a playful maze formation.

One of the many buildings in Holland Park to admire whilst relaxing on the grass.

There was also a sweet cafe in Holland Park with the bright and airy interior as well as outdoor seating.

Kyoto Gardens

The reason I went to Holland Park was to discover Kyoto Gardens which I discovered using Google Maps (see told you its an essential tool for exploring).

In the centre of the garden is a waterfall, which was calming to not only watch but also listen too. Who would have thought you would find a waterfall in the centre of London!

The lake surrounding the waterfall makes it the most perfect picturesque place to relax.

The hints of Japanese culture in the Kyoto Gardens.

There was a stunning peacock strutting their stuff around the garden! They were very graceful even when the poor thing was being chased by a child!

That about wraps it up! Hope you enjoyed all the photos.

What is your favourite thing to see in Notting Hill, Portabello Road and Holland Park?