Day out Oxford

Day Out: Oxford

This weekend I went to visit my Auntie in Northampton and on Saturday we decided to go to Oxford. I was thrilled as Oxford was on my list of places to go to. We spent the whole day exploring Oxford with my camera so prepare yourself for lots of photos!

Covered Market

We first started exploring the Covered Market, which was basically loads of little stores undercover with cobbled streets.

There were two beautiful flower shops! The fancy hat shop, called Hat Box which was fascinating. The outfit in the window was from a shop called Fresh, I love this outfit but went but sadly they had sold out of the top. I will have to find another one online.

Another shop that stood out to me was Nothing Bags as you can see from the photos their bags are adorable!

Now, who doesn’t love cake! This shop as you can see from the photos Celebration Cakes has gorgeous cakes both big and small. You can even see the employees making the cake decorations. The Peacock one would make the perfect wedding cake I think.

I had never seen this vegetable before apparently they are called gourds but I admire the striking colours.

The market had a full street dedicated to lovely cafes. We stopped at Taylor’s which has simple yet stunning interiors. I had a mocha and a delicious salted caramel brownie which was very rich but yummy!

Oxford’s Buildings

The buildings were all stunning, there was a new building to admire on every corner. Walking through the town felt like walking back in time.

The building below is called the Radcliffe Camera. It was built in 1737 and is spectacular.

St Mary’s Tower Photo

For £4 you can climb to the top of St Mary’s church tower. There are over 90 steps so it is a long way up (allowed me to burn off my delicious brownie from earlier on!). The view is remarkable. You can walk all the way around the tower so you can get a full 360 view of Oxford. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone going to Oxford!

Statues on St Mary’s Tower

As with all the building in Oxford St Mary’s had beautiful statues. It was impressive to see them close up.

Souls building

As we continued our walk we came across Souls building which had beautiful gold gates and brilliant building work.

Sighs Bridge

Beautiful Building with garden

Balliol College

As it was Heritage Open Day weekend which is when historic buildings across the country are opened up to the public for free. We discovered Balliol College, the building was lovely but the highlight for me was the spectacular gardens.

The photo below was an experiment for me but I love how it turned out with the bold flowers in the front and the blurred building behind.

As those of you who saw my Hyde Park and Kensington post will know I love taking pictures of close up flowers. So here are some more, all take in Balliol gardens.

It took a while to get this photo but even though it is a bit blurry I love it!


This tree, I think it is a pear tree but let me know otherwise!

Ashmolean Museum

This museum is the British Museum in London for Oxford. There is so much to see and we only had 15 minutes as it was about to close! I did see though Oliver Cromwell’s death mask (which my hometown, St Ives, has a strong connection to) and Guy Fawkes lantern.

I would definitely like to go back for the day sometime soon as there is so much to see. When you go I recommend getting a map though and plan what you would like to see.

An artistic shot of a bike in front of a hotel. I love the contrast of the purple flowers with the mint green bike.

I hope these photos have given you a taste of what’s to see in Oxford. I plan to go back to walk along the canal in Oxford as there is so much more to see.

If you have visited Oxford what else would you recommend seeing?


E. x