Day out

Day Out: Portsmouth and Southampton

Welcome back! Its time for day two of my weekend away. So make yourself comfortable. All sorted? Lets crack on. Have you seen the first day where I shared what I discovered in Isle of Wight? If so I hope you enjoyed it.

As you would have seen in my Isle of Wight post even though we had a wonderful time a lot of the activities we wanted to do such as Alum Bay were closed. Nevertheless, we still had a wonderful time. We plan to go back in the summer when everything is open. I would also like to bring my car and I think it will make it easier to explore the Isle of Wight.

So we decided to head back to the mainland to explore somewhere new. We decided to take the Ferry back to Portsmouth. I had never been to Portsmouth before but enjoy exploring new places.

As we often do when we travel we arrived for the ferry very early. I didn’t mind though at it gave me the opportunity to grab a cup of tea and of course, take some photos. The photos below are of the ferry before ours taking off. I love how the ferry is framed by the trees branches.

I also took some photos of the port surroundings. As you would expect there is a lot of boats and a few trees!

Of course, I also took some photos on the ferry deck as we pulled away from the Isle of Wight. Though it was freezing and choppy. I was the only one brave enough (or stupid enough!) to head out there.

The journey took 45 minutes. As we approached Portsmouth of course I took yet photos!

In the photo below you can see the tall pointed top building called the Emirates Spinnaker Tower . We planned to go on the top of it and I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to get some amazing pictures of the coast line.

However, when we arrived the Spinnaker was closed for a wedding fayre. I was gutted! So after I had a mini sulk like a true grown up. After, we decided to go around Gunwharf Qauys which is an outlet shopping centre including shops such as Kate Spade, Marks and Spencer, Clark’s and most excitingly a Cadbury store! We brought a bag of mixed matched chocolate and it was honestly the best chocolate I have ever had. In the centre was these water fountain fairy lights which I can imagine looks amazing in the dark.

Portsmouth has a strong Navy background with reminders scattered around the city.

This is a replica of the HMS Sirius.

HMS Vernon Figurehead

We then took the train to Portsmouth & Southsea which only took 5 minutes. There wasn’t much to see as it was a very quiet town but it did have some fantastic buildings.

After a quick walk round the town we headed towards Southampton. We popped into John Lewis for lunch. Before wandering through the town centre.

There was a beautiful castle right in the town centre. Shame about the truck full of rubbish in the photos! During the week they do medieval tours of the castle which I would love to go too.

Most of the shopping centre was the same as anyother apart from the sweet street of independent stores (apart from Supercuts!). The street sign looks the same as the London sign which was odd for us.

After we decided to head home! It was a more relaxed weekend than I thought we would have and it was great to explore the somewhere new. Hope you enjoyed seeing what I discovered.

I can’t wait to explore a new part of the United Kingdom soon. Do you have any suggestions?


Emma x