Day out

Day Out: Sky Garden 20 Fenchurch Street

Last week I took a week off work to explore the city I live in, London. This week I am going to share with you what I got up to. The first day, my Auntie joined me and we decided to wander around Bank before heading to the Sky Garden. Of course, I took my camera with me so keep reading to see what I discovered!

Monument Statue

This stunning statue is slightly hidden from the main streets but is impressive. The statue is to remember the Fire of London which started on the 2nd September 1666. For Β£5 you can climb to the top of the tower. I bet the view is amazing from the top but to be honest, I’mΒ too scared to climb up there!

The Fire of London Monument Statue.
The Golden Top of the Fire of London Monument.

Sky Gardens

Now for the main event of the day! Me and my Auntie both love to take photos and thought we could get amazing views from Sky Garden. We were not dispointed! The tickets are free you just have to book in advance. As you would expect there was a que to get in and a que to get out but it was all handled very well.

Sky Garden are at the top of the Walkie Talkie building at 20 Fenchurch Street.

20 Fenchurch Street from three different angles.
The view of London from Sky Garden
The Shard and the rest of London.
The Mayor of Londons Office and HMS Belfast.
St Pauls Cathedral.
The Gherkin
A Plane Flying Over!
Tower Bridge
Canary Wharf
Tower of London
London Eye (sadly blocked by the Sky Scrapers).
Roof Garden and the top of the monument.
River Thames and Bridges including Millenium Bridge.
The Sky Garden Inside

What I was really impressed by was the garden within the Tower, full of beautiful plants. There was also a bar and a restaurant. Now lets see how many different ways I can label photos of plants!

The Inside of the Sky Garden including the view of the Bar.
One Wall of Plants!
Another Wall of Plants
Trees within the Building!
More plants!
Floppy Plant!
Plants next to the restaurants!
Another tree!
Plants next to the stairs!
No days out post of mine is complete without a close up of plants!

Leadenhall Market

This market is a hidden gem in my opinion within Bank. It used to be a meat and fish market but is now full of little shops and some well known resturants and bars.

Leadenhall Market Entrance.
One of the Resturants within the market.
The light and beautiful arch.
A flower stall with stunning flowers including orange Lillies!

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to and I hope I have inspired you to go to Sky Gardens and Explore Bank. Come back on Wednesday to see what else I got up too!


Emma x