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Day Out: St Ives Cambridgeshire

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. I am visiting my parents this weekend so decided to take the morning to explore my hometown of St Ives, Cambridgeshire. Not to be mistaken for St Ives in Cornwall. St Ives is a beautiful market town, with lots of history and sights to see which I am going to share with you now. This small town is just a short bus ride away from Cambridge. Here are pictures to give you a taste of this picturesque town.
Right in the centre of town is the Oliver Cromwell Memorial.
See if you can spot The Golden Lion.
No, town centre is complete with a few flower pots.
The Free Church inside there is a cute fairtrade shop and cafe which is a lovely place to have a cup of tea.
 Swan memorial on Free Church Passage (down this side of the church).
The classic St Ives Bridge. In the Centre, there is a small church. As you may notice the arches on either side of the bridge are different the round arches were pulled down but Oliver Cromwell to prevent the Royalists approaching St Ives. Today you can take a trip on a River Boat along the River Ouse.
The river used to be the main way to import goods. This is celebrated with the memorial below.
Over the bridge is a meadow which is a wonderful place to walk and have a picnic in the summer.

Near the bridge is this beautiful wedding shop called Shades of White. I like to take a wander down here to admire the beautiful dresses.

Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jublie Commemoration Statue.
The Methodist Chruch. The second church in the town centre with stunning stain glass windows.
Across from the Parish church is The Waits. The patio often has live music which is a sensational way to spend a summer afternoon.
The Norris Museum is free. They have pre and post-medieval history as well as art galleries.
The Parish Church. In 1918 a student pilot crashed into the spire, the pilot sadly died and the spire had to be rebuilt.
Holt Island is a free nature reserve to explore with wooden walkways and benches to relax and hide.
To finish my lovely walk we went to the River Terrace Cafe. In nice weather, you can sit outside admiring the river and the weather.  I had a delicious Mocha and a Millionaire Shortbread.
Taking the time to walk around and take pictures of my hometown has really made me appreciate how beautiful it is. I am really lucky to have grown up here.
Where is your hometown and what is your favourite thing to do there?
E. x