Day out

Day Out: St James Park

Welcome back to another Day Out post. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts. Too long! As they are one of my favourite posts to write.

One of my favourite ways to spend my time is to go on a walk with my camera. Not only do I find walking calming, taking my camera with me forces me to focus on what is around me and in a sense gives a purpose for my walk. 

I also recently treated me self to the Canon SX720 in the January sales. Today was my first time using it and I have to say I love it. It has all the features of a DSLR camera I want in a compact camera.

Now for why you are here in the first place. I had a spare couple of hours so decided to explore St James Park with my camera. 

Walking down Saint James Regent Street you can see a glimmer of the park. At this time of year though the Christmas lights! 

Just before the park there are several statues including the Guards Crimean War Memorial, Florence Nightingale and Sidney Herbert. It was great to see a statue for a female who had an impact on our history as a statue. You don’t often see important women in statues, at least not as often as you see men. 

Guards Crimean War Memorial

Anyway as you keep walking down you walk past The Athenaeum an impressive building with ivory pictures along the top and a golden statue.

Straight ahead of you is the tallest statue of all which is Frederick Duke of York. The side of the street either side is lined with statues. I’m ashamed to say I don’t know who most of them are! 

There are several War Memorial in the park this first one you see as you arrive at the park. It is known as the South African Royal Artillery Memorial. I like it as it is to me simple yet powerful. 

Now a walk in a park is not complete without some photos of trees. Anyone who knows me will know my Dad who paints trees will be proud!!

As I approached the first spectacular building known as the Horse Guards Parade. I could sense the history which made it feel somewhat enchanting. Within the building is the Household Cavalry Museum. Though I didn’t go inside today as I wanted to play with my camera I would like to go in the future. 

Though I felt surrounded by history modern London is never far away with the London Eye showing just behind. I like taking photos where you can see historic and modern London collide. 

As you are facing the Horse Guards Parade to your left is this Navy Memorial building. 

In the far right hand corner is a Canon known as the
Cádiz Memorial . I also particularly like this photo as I like trees and buildings photographed together. It is like man made and nature contrasting and yet complimenting each other.

Further down heading towards the green of the park is a building with an impressive statue of Earl Mountbatten.

As you head towards the green of the park you see this War Memorial known as the Guard’s Memorial with recently laid wreaths.

In the centre of the parks green is lake with a couple of water fountains. This was the first time I had taken a photo of sunset but I am pleased with how the photos turned out. 

The lake was full of all kinds of ducks including some that don’t even know what they are called!! 

All the ducks where clearly used to being surrounded by humans and were constantly hoping for food. Much like my family’s cats! 

Most exciting of all was the Pelicans which as you can see are vibrant orangey pink. As a boy said to his Dad next to me “isn’t it cool that this city has such diverse wildlife.” Yes it is cool very cool! 

The heron was also pretty exciting! I have never seen one so close before. 

Just across from the lake you can see a glimmer of Buckingham Palace through the trees! Including the Queen Victoria Memorial.

As I walked round the lake I saw an adorable wooden house with a bridge over the lake and a Garden full of growing vegetables. 

I then started to head towards Waterloo and took a few snaps on the way. 

I think this is a little restaurant which look very sweet, almost like something you would find in a small town. Not in Westminster! 

I walked past the Houses of Parliament but as it was covered in scaffolding including poor Big Ben. I couldn’t get some nice pictures which was a shame. Oh well there will be another time. Of course the photo I did take shows modern and historic London. 

There you go that is what I discovered in my walk round St James Park. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I discovered and I hope I have inspired you to visit yourself if you can. If you have been before did I miss anything out? 

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this post. If you did be sure to follow my blog for more days out posts. I am currently on my way to the Isle of Wight as a write this so it won’t be long until the next one! 

Emma x