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Day Out: Stowe in Buckinghamshire

Hello and Welcome Back! It’s time for a long overdue Day Out post. *Woop! Woop!* Last weekend I went to visit my Auntie in Northampton. I always love going to spend time with her. As well as escaping the hustle and bustle of London for the calm and relaxing countrysides.

Just like me, my Auntie also enjoys taking photos so we went to Stowe in Buckinghamshire for a photography walk. Stowe is a National Trust Park filled with buildings, sculptures, trees, sheep and of course, a cafe! During our walk my Auntie taught me how to use lots of the features on my camera which I’m really grateful for.

I am really pleased with how the photos turned out even if it was a cloudy day! Keep reading to see my favourite photos from the day.

The building in the photos below is the Gothic Temple taken from different angles. You can stay in this building for a holiday. It was a stunning building but as it was surrounded by visitors taking photos that might put some off staying there!

This first photo was taken from Octagon Lake. I like the depth to this photo and the slight gloomy tone to it as it suites the gothic building.

In both these photos I like that the red tone of the building contrasts with the green of the trees. As well as the detail you can see in the building.

This is the Congreve’s monument in the island right in the middle of Octagon Lake.

This seagull looks deep in thought as he/she looks across the lake. I wonder what he/she is thinking?! Probably thinking about what he/she is going to eat next. I can relate!!

I love how in this photo the Temple of Virtue is beautifully framed by trees.

This hut is the most boring building in the whole park. Yet I couldn’t help but take a photo of it! I think I like the simplicity of it.

The building in the photo below I believe is the Pebble Alcove. As I did with the Gothic Temple I have taken a photo of this building from different angles.

The yellow of the building and the red bush nicely break up the green giving the photo some depth.

There is something quite magical about capturing a buildings refection in the water. Or maybe that is just me!?

Below are photos of the Palladian Bridge which, you’ve guessed it! I have taken from different angles.

From across the Octagon Lake.

Beside the Wooden Bridge.

On its own, apart from the people of course!

This building is called a Hermitage. It looks like a tiny little house.

The photo below is one of the most scenic parts of the park. (Who am I kidding the whole park is beautifully scenic!) It includes Brown’s Cascade and of course some swans.

I had to get some close ups of the swans. I’m really pleased with how they turned out. I did have to be patient though as the swans kept ducking under water.

The photo below taken from inside Brown’s Cascades. You can see the swans have their heads under the water!

The island below is perfect mirrored in the water below which is very satisfying!!

I couldn’t find the name of either buildings in these photo’s below but they both look like the perfect place to sit and relax.

This is the Fane of Pastoral Poetry which is framing another sculpture that is off the park.

This is Captin Grenville’s Column which is of course surrounded by trees.

Guess what? It is another building taken from multiple angles! This is the Temple of British Worthies. Fun Fact: Me and my sister came here with my Auntie when we were young and there is a photo of us both infront of this temple. Again I love how the Temple is reflected in the water.

The winding path in the photo below leads up to Lord Cobham’s Pillar.

As spring is coming it is the season for magnificent snow drops! Of course, I had to take lots of photos of them.

I love this leaf close up against the redish tree.

I believe (according to my quick Google search) that the flowers below are the Cyclamen.

I find the contrast between the brown leaves against the new plant interesting. It’s kind of the circle of natures life captured in a photo.

Now what is a walk in the UK countryside without sheep!

This one is staring right at me! I wonder what he is thinking. Probably confused by my camera!

I had a wonderful day. It was great to walk through the countryside, spend time with my Auntie and take lots of photos! I would love to go back to Stowe in the Summer or Autumn to see how it changes in the different seasons.

I would love to know what your favourite National Trust Park? As I am always looking for new places to explore!


Emma x

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