Day out Weedon

Day Out: The Depot Weedon, Northamptonshire

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Yesterday for our chilled lazy Sunday morning my auntie, uncle and I decided to explore the Depot in Weedon. It has over 200 years of hidden history, mostly linked to the military, within its 22 listed buildings over a 20-acre site.

The Visitors Centre

The Visitors Centre is open to the public for free. It includes uniforms and old records which describes the history of the Depot which was used to store military weapons and gunpowder from 1810.


One of the Old Buildings

The Canal next to Antique and Bookshop.

Most of the buildings photographed now belong to private businesses apart from one, which is open to the public. That building is filled with a second-hand sofa sho, an antique shop filled with beautiful china, jewellery and furniture and finally, a second-hand bookshop which was heaven for a book lover like me with a tea room included! I brought six books in total for the price of two brand new books so I have enough reading to keep me going for a while! There was also a portrait gallery which was stunning and definitely worth a visit.

As you can see the canal looks enchanting and it is filled with fishes, you can see some at the surface.

Sleeping Duck in the Canal

Old Fire Engine

The fire engine depot was just outside the main site and use the water from the canal to fight fires. Photographed below was their fire engine which was originally red but painted khaki during the war (we think!).

Building Opposite the Visitors Centre.

This building is now a kitchen store but it mirrors The Visitors building perfectly.

The whole site with a leafy frame.

This was an idyllic place to visit for a couple of hours, check out their website for further information

Do you have any other suggestions for where to visit in Northamptonshire?


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