Day out

Day Out: Tower of London

In this post, I am going to share with you what I discovered in the Tower of London. I have always wanted to go but it is always so busy. As my week off not during the school half term, it was so nice and quiet. For London at least! Those of you who saw my Sky Garden post would have seen the Tower of London from above!

I always loved history at school and there is something so special and exciting about history being brought to life right in front of your eyes.

Catapole at the Tower Entrance.

Photos of the Tower

When you arrive I would recommend taking a free tour with one of the Beefeaters (a nickname for the Tower Guards). It is 45 minutes but they give you a full tour of the Tower of London and not only explain what you are looking at but also tell you some of the history. For example two of Henry the 8th wives were beheaded here, Anne Boleyn at 22 and Katherine Howard at only 17! They are buried in the inside of the church.

The Fusilier Museum
The side of the Jewels Building
Bloody Tower (actual name!)
Beefeaters quarters above traitors gate

The building to the left of the photo contains the Royal Mint Museum which shows you the history of how coins were made. It is definitely worth a visit. There are also interactive games to help you learn the coin making process.

Statue of an Arrow from a tower!
Building through a wall! I love this photo as the old wall contrasts with the new building.

Photos from walking around the edge of the tower

Walking around the edge of the Tower of London, there are displays of prisons with graffiti carvings from prisoners, information about the exotic animal and of course you can see the Tower of London contrasting with modern London!

Tower Exit

Sky Gardens from the Tower!

London Bridge from the Tower

Animals to Represent Old Animals.

Exotic animals were considered gifts so the tower was filled with monkeys, lions, tiger, ostrich, elephants and polar bear. They were represented across the Tower of London by these impressive metal statues.

Crown Jewels Room

Sadly you can’t take pictures of the crown jewels but as you can imagine they were stunning! Full of beautiful gemstones. They showed a video of the Queens Coronation and displayed the outfit she wore which was full of gold thread! There was also 3 ft punch bowl made of gold!!

White Tower

The White Tower is in the centre of the Tower of London and is breathe taking so I had to take lots of photos.

Inside the White Tower, there is loads of armour on display including Henry the 8ths armour which is huge!

There is also a dragon made from Armour! What more could you want!?

Queens House

You can not go inside this house and it is guarded by an armed officer.

Traitors Gate


The Tower of London has to have six Ravens on the premises by law. They have one spare! They have one wing clipped so don’t fly away.

So there you go! Did you see what I got up to the rest of my week off? I also went to Sky Garden and explored Guildhall and St Pauls Garden.


Emma x