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Day Out: Winter Wonderland- Magical Ice Kingdom 2019

Hello and Welcome Back! We are well into the Christmas season now. To get in the Christmas spirit my best friend and I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This year was my third year going and every year I have gone to the Magical Ice Kingdom. I shared my Winter Wonderland experience last year which you can check out here.

This time I didn’t plan on posting a blog post but I love the photos I took in Magical Ice Kingdom. So I just had to share them with you. This year the Magical Ice Kingdom was based on the Christmas Carol. So lets get started!

Just look at the detail on this mouse! It hard to believe its just ice.

This impressive door had some snow that fell down when you stepped towards it. Which gave us a fright!

The detail on Bob (Scrooges Clerk) is truly incredible!

The ghost of Marley’s Ghost comes to visit Scrooge.

This furniture looks so magical it feels like it should start singing like in Beauty and the Beast.

I love these fresh flowers incorporated into this sculpture.

Now the ghosts of Christmas past!

Fezziwig street was truly breathe taking! It really was like walking down a ice street. With Christmas products in the windows!

No street is complete without a post box!

And finally the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come!

As you can see the Magical Ice Kingdom is truly spectacular! It is worth being freezing cold for. Though of course we got hot drinks as soon as we left.


Emma x

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