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December 2018 Review

Today is the last day of December which also means it’s the last day of 2018. Can you believe it!? I know this is a clique but where has this year gone!

As those of your who read by November Review will know I had a bit of a rough month. However, thanks to the support of my partner and family, I have bounced back. I am in a new job that I love, with lovely people where I get to utilise my organisation skills and also constantly chat to new people. I am excited to see what 2019 brings.

Now work life has settled down I am getting back into blogging. Thank you for being patient with me! The time away from blogging has reminded be just how much I love writing and taking photos. Therefore it is important for me to make time to do so.

Of course the main event of this month was Christmas Day. I was ill on Christmas day 🙁 but I still had a wonderful day relaxing watching TV, opening presents and eating mince pies and chocolates!

I also loved taking photos of the Christmas lights this month. If you follow me on Instagram (@BelieveinBumble) you would of seen them by I want to share them here. Christmas lights make everything feel magical and brighten up an otherwise dark mornings.

Talking of feeling magical did you see my post for Winter Wonderland? Those Ice Sculptures were truly magical.

I have lots of ideas for my blog which I can’t wait to share with you including a weekend away, book reviews and recipes. Thank you to all of you who read my blog for being patient with me. I am establishing a new routine as my old job was an office job so I could come in early and blog before work. Now that is not the case so I just have to establish a new routine!

What do you have planned for New Years? I am having a quiet evening in with my partner and of course a pizza!! I would also love to hear of you have any New Years resolutions?

Happy New Years!


Emma x