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Demi Lovato Tell Me You Love Me Album Review

I have been listening to Demi Lovato, Tell Me You Love Me Album on repeat for about sixth month now. It has comforted me when life feels bleak and has helped me feel strong when I need too. Demi’s voice is powerful throughout and the lyrics are so beautifully written. The album has a great mix of dance songs and power ballads.  I am not claiming to be knowledgeable about music but I would like to discuss my favourite songs on the album and how they have helped me with my anxiety and depression.

Tell Me You Love Me

This song is a true power ballad with meaningful lyrics backed by Demi’s powerful voice. “Tell me you love me, I need someone” shows a vulnerability which I can relate to. In my low moments feeling love gives me hope. “Everything I need. Is standing right in front of me; I know that everything will be alright, alright” reminds me that I have my partner, my home, my family and that everything will be ok in the long run!

Cry Baby

If I could sing this would be the song I would love to sing! The lyrics along with a rock edge helps me to feel powerful and strong on days when I just want to curl up into a ball.“Cause every time I start tripping, slipping then I’m falling too deep; stuck in a bad dream”, for me this describes the battle with depression and anxiety. Sometimes you have a bad day and sometimes you have a bad week which can seem never-ending. Sometimes it feels like I am actually falling and can’t see a way out.

You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore and Only Forever

Her voice in both these songs is just mind-blowingly amazing! Whenever I feel anxious these are the first songs I will listen to her. Her soft yet powerful voice helps me to calm down and feel in control. Allowing me to hold my head high and continue on.


This song is used to pump myself up on those days when I feel defeated before I have even left the house or just when I have challenged that day (such as a presentation at work). I know the song is talking about games in dating but I can also relate it to the game of life. “Two can play this game” helps to remind me I am not a passive participant in life. I can take control of a situation and learn from previous experience.

Daddy Issues

I just love to dance to this one! Simple as that!


E. x

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