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Favourite Teas August 2018


What is nicer than sitting down after a long day with a cup of tea and a sweet treat? (perhaps a Booja-Booja truffle! see review here: Here are my top five favourite teas at the moment.

Irish Breakfast- Barry’s Tea

I buy this Irish tea from the world foods section of my supermarket. For years I didn’t drink breakfast tea as to me it tasted like dishwater. How very un-British of me! That was until earlier this year when I tried Barry’s Tea. Barry’s tea tastes stronger than other breakfast teas I have tried and it has a sweet yet earthy taste. The perfect drink for a quiet evening in.

Bedtime Infusion- Sainsbury’s 


I brought this tea when I had trouble sleeping with my anxiety. The tea itself tastes like sweet camomile and smells like lavender. The whole experience of drinking this tea very calming and is the perfect way to wind down after a busy day or went I feel on edge.
Pure Peppermint- Twinings
Peppermint tea is the tea I drink most often as it is refreshing, helps digestions and is a great way to increase your water intake. Twinings Peppermint tea is the best basic peppermint tea I have tried. It has a strong mint flavour without being overpowering (no one wants their tea to taste like toothpaste!) and leaves me feeling refreshed. I often drink this tea after a meal as it aids digestion. 
Butter Mint- Twinings
This tea makes a delicious change from my normal peppermint tea. It tastes like an peppermint with a hint of vanilla. The vanilla gives an almost creamy taste much like a murry mint.
What is your favourite tea?
E. x