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Food Friday: Leon in Holborn

It’s time for another Food Fridays. As autumn is truly upon us (though it was surprisingly warm today), I fancied warm comfort food, so today I decided to go to Leon.  Leon is known for it quick, healthy yet comforting food.

I love their fries, they are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I am also excited to see they now do gluten free burgers and chicken nuggets as I haven’t seen anyone else do that. Probably not my cup of tea though, as in case you haven’t noticed from previous Food Fridays, I don’t really eat meat, just personal preference. I’ve just realised how “not my cup of tea” is a very British phrase!

The Leon I went to today is on King Street in Holborn, just a short walk from Holborn Tube station. The interior was brightly coloured but with a rustic feel. There was limited seating with a few seats upstairs and a small seating area downstairs. As with most places around here,  I think this is more of a takeaway place.

My lunch today £9.35 which is slightly expensive but you are getting fresh food.

As I said I am craving comfort food, so today I decided to have the vegan Meatless Meatballs which included aubergine, black olive and rosemary meatballs in tomato sauce. The meatballs were soft but not mushy with a light aubergine flavour. The tomato sauce tasted delicious. My only complaint is that I wish there were more sauce and less rice!

No Food Friday is complete without a sweet treat, today I went for the Vegan Billionaire which I’m sure you aren’t surprised to learn is a vegan take on the classic millionaire shortbread. It has a date and polenta shortbread base topped with date paste and dark chocolate. I found it quite rich but still very tasty with a slight citrus kick.

To help me enjoy the autumn spirit, I decided to have a Golden Milk which is a vegan Ayurvedic recipe with turmeric, warmed with cardamom, black pepper & ginger and sweetened with cinnamon & jaggery. It initially tasted of liquorice which I am not a fan of. I preferred the cinnamon aftertaste. One of the lovely members of staff who saw I didn’t finish my Golden Milk suggested I try it again with less of the mix so it is not as strong. A great piece of advice for me to try next time!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks instalment of Food Friday.

Have you been to Leon before? If so what is your favourite item on their menu?