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Food Friday: Shakespeares Head Wetherspoons

It’s time for another Food Fridays! It amazes me how quickly Fridays come around yet seem so far away on Monday. Every day, I walk past Shakespeares Head (Wetherspoons) when walking to work from Holborn tube station so today I decided to pop in for lunch. As those of you who have been to Wetherspoons will know, some are more restaurants and others more pubs! By that I mean some are filled with families having lunch and the others is full of football fans screaming at a TV! This Wetherspoons is a mix but it might have been because it is Friday afternoon, prime London drinking time!

The building itself is simple yet beautiful and as with most Wetherspoons has a history. Apparently, the author Charles Dickens used to go there! It is also like a tardis, it looks tiny on the outside but the inside is huge. I almost couldn’t see the very back of the room as it went so far back! As you would expect the interiors have lots of reminders of Shakespeare with typical Wetherspoons furniture which reflects the historic nature of the building without being outdated. As you may know, every Wetherspoons has a different carpet, there is actually an Instagram account dedicated to this (@wetherspons_carpets).

Wetherspoons menu has something for everyone including British classics like ‘fish and chips’ and ‘bangers and mash’ to burgers and grilled meat. They also have gluten-free and even vegan options. Their vegan sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry are delicious and perfect for those crisp autumn days which are just around the corner (yay!). I ordered my lunch on the Wetherspoons app, it’s nice not to have to get out of your chair to order at the bar (lazy I know!).

Today I had the Quinoa Salad which included Quinoa (surprise!), rice, avocado, adzuki beans, grilled red and yellow pepper, red cabbage, chia seeds, kale, dressing. The salad cost £7.10, a bargain for Central London. It had a light fresh flavour and was very filling! You can also order the salad with halloumi or chicken but I prefer it plain. It took a lot to walk away without having an apple crumble. If I had I would have felt so cosy and full that I would probably fall asleep at my desk!

What did you have for lunch today? Do you have any suggestions for where you would like me to go for next weeks Food Friday?

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