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Food Fridays: By Chloe. Vegan Restaurant.

Happy Friday! Welcome to my second instalment of Food Fridays. Here is last weeks post in case you missed it

I heard of By Chloe. whilst making coffee in my office, someone from another company was discussing how amazing it was. Once I heard it was vegan my ears pricked up. I do enjoy eating vegan food as I don’t like red meat or chicken and try to reduce my dairy intake.

I looked at the website and was instantly hungry just looking at all the amazing options. From home comforts such as Mac and Cheese, British Classics such as Fish and Chips, Salads and best of all, sweet treats including cookies and cupcakes! All vegan and all plant-based, amazing!

There are only two in the UK, one in Covent Garden and one in Tower Bridge. Luckily for me, my office is near Covent Garden so I decided to treat myself.

I chose to have Mac and Cheese (gluten-free) and Chocolate Cupcake with a Vanilla Icing (also gluten-free!). The total cost was £12.50 (only £10:50 if you don’t have gluten-free pasta.)

It was gorgeous! The pasta had just the right amount of chew and the sauce was creamy with a kick of paprika. The cupcake was so moist (the only time that would is acceptable to use, even though it still makes me cringe a little) yet light topped with cute pink frosting and sprinkles. I would definitely go again and would recommend to everyone whether your vegan or not.

Now the most important part, (the food!) is covered off I will now discuss the experience. The restaurant is tucked away in Dury Lane so easy to miss if you don’t know its there but great to escape to for a bit of peace in London. Not that they weren’t busy, they were pretty much full when I arrived. You order at the counter and they give you a device that will buzz when you need to collect your food. I only had to wait ten minutes for food. I did not mind as the surroundings were so beautiful. The decor was very simple yet elegant and I loved plant pots bringing some life into the design. They also had hanging chairs which looked so much fun, sadly, they were all taken!

As the weather is was lovely today, I decided to explore Drury Lane Gardens which are just behind By Chloe. The garden is like a secret treasure, I only found out about it looking to get direction for By Chloe. from google maps! It has a kids park and benches in the shade. I will have to go back one day and read my book there.


Do you have a favourite vegan restaurant? If so what is it?