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Food Fridays: EAT in Holborn

It’s Friday which means the weekend is just around the corner (yay!). For now, it’s time for another Food Fridays! Today I decided to go to Eat.  Eat always reminds me of trips to Cambridge with my family. My Dad would often wait for my sister, Mum and I to finish shopping with a cup of coffee in Eat. Poor Dad! Their menu has improved dramatically since I last visited when it was mostly sandwiches. They now also do soups, fusion bowls, hot pots and pho so I’m looking forward to trying out something new.

The Eat I went to is just on the corner of the Stand in Holborn not too far from Covent Garden. It is surprisingly spacious with simple interiors.

Today I decided to have the Mexican Guacamole & Quinoa Salad. As a Friday treat, I also had a  Charlie Brownie which is Gluten Free. Not sure why the brownie is called Charlie though! This lunch is the perfect mix of healthy food for the body and food for the soul. I also got a peppermint tea which is the perfect way to finish a lunch I think. All together my lunch cost £9 which is not bad for Central London!

The salad was delicious with a slight spice kick including a mix of quinoa and vegetables on a hidden guacamole bed. The brownie was so scrumptious and rich that I could finish it! It was yummy nonetheless.

I would recommend Eat if you are looking for somewhere to get some healthy food whilst you are working or reading

So that is the end of another Food Friday’s! Any suggestion on where to visit next week?

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Hope you all have a lovely weekend.