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Food Fridays: Itsu on Fleet Street

For today’s Food Friday I decided to go to Itsu on Fleet Street. Luckily I just missed the rain and even caught a bit of sunshine! Fleet Street is known for its Journalism history with reminders everywhere, some of which I photographed below.

The Sunday Post Building and DC Thomas Building

The Telegraph Building

Mersey House

Daily Express Building

Romanian Orthodox Church

Not related to the press but stunning nonetheless.

St Pauls Cathedral

You can just see the top of St Pauls Cathedral from the end of Fleet Street. In the photos below you can see the contrast between the miserable weather and when the sun came out.

Now, let’s discuss Food!

When I think of Itsu, healthy, simple and delicious springs to mind which I feel perfectly sums up their brand.

This Itsu is right next to the Daily Express Building, which is a cube-shaped black and glass tower. The inside had a beautiful colour changing butterfly wing lights. There was limited seating, as it is more of a takeaway place. The only small complaint I had is that being small my legs were just swinging which wasn’t very comfortable so a bar or footstall would be nice. Just for short people like me!

I had the Well’being Warrior salad box which includes a baked falafel, rice, green beans, edamame beans, salad, avocado and pumpkin seeds. It is gluten-free, vegan. According to their website this tasty box provides you with 36% of your daily vitamin E intake which protects cells from oxidative stress, 66% of you Thiamin intake and 36% of your vitamin B6 intake which help metabolism. I mean wow! I like to understand the nutrition in my food. All that and it is delicious!

The salad was full of flavour and was very filling!

For dessert, cause its Friday and you need to treat yourself a little chocolate pot! Which has a similar texture to Nutella but smoother and dairy free!

In total, my lunch cost £7.49 which is average for lunch in London, I would say.
Overall Itsu was the perfect guilt-free treat and I look forward to visiting again.
What did you have for lunch today?