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Get Organised Week: How to Declutter and Organise Your Home!

Hello and Welcome Back! Now we are well into January and truly back into reality with Christmas feeling like a distant memory. *sob!*It feels time get organised. So this week I am sharing my Get Organised week! I am going to share with you this week my advice on how to organise your home, money and time. Make sure you follow my blog so you don’t miss out!

Those of you who know me in real life will know I love to organise! I find it almost relaxing to tidy and organise, am I alone in this? Recently, with my partner and I both working long work hours (as you can imagine working in retail over Christmas is chaotic). The flat has become a bit of a mess!

I am also going to share honest before and after photos of the places I am decluttering. I wanted to be honest as I find it annoying when someones before photo looks like it has already been cleaned! Hopefully it will inspire you to get started on decluttering and organise your home.

I am going to start by sharing with you my general advice before breaking down into those more difficult parts to tackle!

General Advice

Firstly before you get started make a list of what needs to be cleaned and organised. There is nothing better than ticking off the list as you complete each task. Though again that might just be me! It also allows you to see what needs to be done making it less over whelming.

Remember you don’t have to do everything all in one day! Even if you do one room or even a draw a day that is progress. Also reward yourself for completing each task. For me that would be a YouTube video or an episode of Gilmore Girls.

I think by now everyone has heard of the Marie Kondo technique. If not read her book (The Magic of Tidying Up) or Watch her Netflix show. The main piece of advice I took away from reading her book and use through out organising is, if an item isn’t essential, does it bring me joy? Yes then keep it. No then get rid of it. As a generally rule if you have to think about it, you probably don’t need it!

I will now break down the areas that I find difficult to organise.

The Wardrobe

I love clothes. I feel they are a great way to express yourselves and can make you feel confident. However this done mean I have to clear my wardrobe out occasionally. The before photo also had loads of rubbish at the top but I was to short to reach it so asked my partner to get it down for me. Short girl problems!!

The first thing I did was take out seasonal pieces that are out of season (such as coats in the summer and shorts in the winter). You can store these in a vacuum packed bag or in a suitcase that you aren’t using. This is a great way to save space.

If I’m not sure whether to keep an item of clothing I will ask myself, how often do I wear this? Less than 5 times in the last six months. Get rid of it! How do I feel where when I wear it? Confident? Then keep it.

What does it go with? Is it multi purpose. For example a basic top can be worn with jeans, dungarees and skits. And dressed down with a scalf or dressed up with some jewellery.

When you get rid of items decide whether to donate them to a charity shops, give to friends or bin.

Use Storage boxes (from Poundland or if you are on a budget old shoe boxes work just as well) for socks and underwear.

I brought this circle hanger from Ikea (it was only £3!) and it is perfect for storing my scalfs and belts. It also means I can reach my scalfs as before I couldn’t and would have to get a step ladder. Again short girl problems!


I love reading and am a self confessed bookaholic. I can’t resist a book sale! So I often have to organise my books. When organising I ask myself will I read this book again? If not who else might enjoy reading? I enjoy giving my books to someone else I know would love it. If I don’t know anyone who would enjoy them I will donate them to a charity shop.

The Draws

I don’t know about you but draws seem to become an easy dumping ground for random items. I guess because it is hidden, out of sight out of mind! So the first step is to empty all the draws.

Then remove all the rubbish and throw away any items you don’t need. I keep important paperwork in these fetching pink paper wallets.

In our flat we seem to have an endless collection of wires. My rule is if we don’t know what the wire does, get rid of it!

My partner used to work in pharmacy and its safe to say he can be a bit obsessed with medicines! So to organise the pile of medicine, I put the same medicines in zip-lock bags to save space. I also check medicine expiry dates whilst I am sorting them!

When sorting out make up make sure you check the expiry dates of your products! Get rid of products you haven’t used for more than a month. I keep my everyday make up in this make up bag (which I think is inspired by Ted Baker but it is from Amazon!) so it is easy to reach. I keep my extras in these little draws. The draws were from Homebase a few years ago and I love them.

Make Up Bag
Small Draws

Have you jewellery on display on a stand or dish as not only does it reduce the space it also allows you to see what you actually have! I got this stand for £5 in Accessorizes sale. It would be perfect if it was slightly taller!

So there you go! I hope I have inspired you to declutter your home. Make sure you subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on the rest of my Get Organised week!

Emma x