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Get Organised Week: How to Organise your Time

Hello and Welcome Back! It’s time for my final post of my Get Organised Week! I hope you have enjoyed my two previous posts about how to organise your home and money?

As the classic saying goes time is precious. As with most classic sayings it is true! Especially as an fully fledged adult (which I still can’t quite believe) were life is pulled between work, friends, family, house chores and what you enjoy doing. I have learn’t that not only does organising your time allow you to achieve more in a day, I have also found it essential to looking after my mental health. As not only does it provide a routine it also allows me to make sure I have time to do what I enjoy.

So to get started write down a list of everything and anything that you NEED to do. Such as housework and food shopping. Then divided this list into time frames. I divide my list into what needs to be done today, needs to be done in a week and needs to be done in a month.

Then make a list of what you WANT to do. In my case this includes; blogging, photography, pamper sessions and reading. Basically this list focuses on the fun parts of life so is much more enjoyable to write than the first list!

Work out what time you actually have! Take a note of the free time you have outside work and social plans. Then divide your essential to do list and want to do list into the spare time you have.

An easy way to maximise your time is during your commute to work. In my case commuting on the tube and bus provides the perfect reading time.

Another tip is to optimise your time. So when I worked in an office I used to come in an hour early and use that time for blogging. Now I will go to a cafe to blog for a couple of hours before work and blog in my lunch break.

So there you go that is my advice for maximising your time. I know to some people this process my seem excessive but it works perfectly for me. I love a list and also like to feel in control of my time.


Emma x