How Fitness Helped Me Love my Body and Tips to Get Started.

Hello and Welcome Back! How are you doing? As those of you who have read my blog before will know I struggle with my body image. Something I discussed in more detail in my post “Why I’m Afraid to Share Outfit Blog Posts?” Recently, I started going to the gym and have been going for 2-3 times a week for 3 months. I started going as I felt unfit. You know when you feel you are dragging your body around rather than it carrying you.

Since going I have noticed a dramatic difference in my fitness levels and I now feel like my body is working with me. If that makes any sense! I also discovered a new appreciation for my body. We are taught to think of our bodies as being decorative rather than focusing on what they can do. Going to the gym has made me realise how amazing my body is. It can run, lift weights and gets me to where I want to go!

I also find that exercising also encourages me to eat better. As food becomes about nourishing my body. Overall, exercising has helped me to feel better about my body. A nice unexpected surprise to exercising!

Now I’m going to share with you my tips to get into fitness.

My first and I think most important tip is to find a form of exercise that you enjoy. Whether that’s running, dancing, weight lifting, football or anything else you can think of! You won’t stick to an exercise you don’t enjoy. I enjoy going to the gym as I enjoy running (I’m currently doing the NHs coach to 5K) and weight lifiting.

If you are going to the gym I recommend having a session with a personal trainer. My gym offers you a free personal training session which is amazing. I found just having one session to create a weight lifting plan that I can do really helpful. It also allows someone to check your form when exercising so you don’t injure yourself.

Try not to have a physical goal but instead focus on feeling healthier. Whether this is simply just walking up the stairs without feeling out of breath or running 5k.

So those are my tips to get into fitness as well as an update on my body image. Do any of you have a similar experience with fitness helping your body image? Also do you have any advice for falling in love with fitness?


Emma x

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