How to Beat Travel Anxiety

Hello and Welcome Back! I am currently writing this post on the train to Holyhead ready to get the ferry to Ireland (yay!). I started to reflect over how much better my anxiety is around travelling. I have always been a tiny bit anxious about travelling however, three years ago I had a panic attack on a train. Ever since then travel has been an anxiety filled struggle for me.

Though I still feel anxious, I have developed my own tips and tricks to help. Which I’m going to share with you now.

To start with work out what makes you anxious and be logical with yourself. Anxiety often makes you jump to the worse case scenario. For example, one of the reasons I feel anxious travelling is that I feel trapped. If I think logical though I can walk up and down and if worse comes to worse I can get off the train. So I’m not trapped. This though process helps to diminish the anxiety I feel.

The night before plan what you are going to do on the journey. For me this is usually blogging, reading and watching YouTube. So the night before I make sure my laptop is charged, I have a good book and some YouTube Videos downloaded. Not only does this help me feel more in control it also allows me to look forward to my journey. As I focus on the activities I get to do instead of focusing about being on a train. I also normally pack a snack as food always makes me happy! I also don’t want to risk getting hangry!

Make sure you also pack all your essential the night before such as your tickets and passport. Sometimes I even get my outfit ready the night before. (Comfort is key!). This preparation will make you feel calmer and in control on the day of your journey. Helping to reduce any unnecessary stress or panic.

Along the same theme as keeping your travel as calm as possible arrive at the train station, airport, ferry port etc early. Nothing is worse than running for a train that you might miss.

Now if you are like me and occasionally suffer from travel sickness (which can trigger my anxiety as I worry about being sick!). Listen to a podcast or music and look out the window. I think travel sickness, for me anyway is caused by all of my surroundings being still apart from the scenery going passed confusing my mind! So focusing on the scenery reduces my travel sickness.

Finally focus on why you are travelling. Normally it is for something exciting. Such as for me right now its to go on holiday to Ireland where I’ve wanted to go for years! Or it is to see friends and family. This normally makes the journey more than worthwhile.

So there are my tips! Do you have any tips that I have missed off? If so be sure to share them in the comments below! We can all help each other then.


Emma x

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