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I’m Back and in a New City!

Hello and Welcome Back! It has definitely been a loooong time. I just checked and I last posted in December 2019!! Ooops! So much has happened it doesn’t feel like it been that long.

So what happened? Well as I work in retail so as we all know Christmas is a very busy time for retail worker. (I can’t believe I’m mentioning Christmas this far into the year!) I was working 9 day weeks so it was difficult to find time to blog.

Then just before Christmas by Grand Ma passed away. It took me a while to process my grief. Even though I knew it was around the corner it still hit me harder than I expected. If I think about her now I feel a mixture of pain and happiness. I’m grateful to have had her in my life for so long but also said that she is no longer around.

Just as I felt like I was getting back to reality in February my colleagues and I were told that our store would be closing in May and as a result we are all at risk of redundancy. This was not only a scary time in terms of career prospects but also sad as it was a lovely store to work in.

I’m pleased to report that I was able to get a promotion out of the redundancy and am now a retail manager. Not only that my boyfriend and I achieved our dream of moving out of London and to Newcastle Upon Tyne! We have wanted to live in Newcastle for a long time as we wanted to be somewhere with a slower pace of life where we can actually enjoy our hard work. I’ve also wanted to live near the sea as I find it very relaxing. We know only live 15 minutes away from the sea!

Wow, writing this all down I realise how much has happened in the last 5 months both good and bad. Not even including the effect the lock down has had on all of our lives. It has taken longer than I thought it would but I finally feel in a place where I can get back to blogging. I love sharing my photos and thoughts with you all.

I have lots of post ideas that I want to share with you. So keep an eye out for future posts.

Let me know if there is anything you want to see from me? I always love to hear your suggestions.


Emma x

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