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London Thames Clipper and Emirates Cable Car Tour


One of my favourite days out in London is to go sight sightseeing on the Thames Clipper and Emirates cable car. I have taken friends and family when they come to visit which they have all enjoyed in both the sunshine and the rain. I mean you never know in the UK! It also is pay as you go which saves the stress of booking tickets in advance or queuing for tickets on the day.

We usually start at Westminster Pier on the Thames Clipper to Greenwich. Sometimes having a cheeky coffee and snack from the onboard cafe. Travelling my boat gives you a different perspective of London and makes you realise how close all the landmarks are! I also make a mental check list of places to visit such as Shakespeares Globe and Tate Modern. We then get the cable car from Greenwich to Excel. The cable car reaches ninety metres high giving you a brilliant view of the O2, London City Airport and Canary Wharf. Though I don’t like to look directly down has it can make me a bit nervous especcially when it is windy! There is a video on board which provides some information on the landmarks around you.

Above are some photos I have taken on the Thames Clipper and Emirates Cable Car.

For where you live, where do you always take friends and family that visit you?


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