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Hello and Welcome Back! Today’s post is an exciting one. I’m sharing my first collaboration post, with the lovely Jess and Ray from BestieTalks. Jess and Ray are long distance best friends who together blog about beauty, health, food and their travels. They are always positive and upbeat. You really feel apart of their friendship through reading their blog.

So for today’s we are both going to share our make up bag essentials. As we are from different parts of the world (I’m from the UK and Jess and Ray are from the USA). I thought this would be an interesting post. So, without further ado lets get cracking with my make-up bag essentials! Keep reading for Jess and Ray essentials.

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer (£4)

This is a recent discovery for me, but it has quickly replaced the cult classic Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in my make-up collection. Not only is the colour match better for my skin tone (I use C2), it is so creamy allowing it blend effortlessly without losing its high coverage.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey (£7.99)

This is an oldie but a goldie! I have loved this product for years but recent rediscovered it. It is a purple neutral toned lip colour making it perfect for all seasons. Honey is one of those easy throw on lip colours. Side note, my boyfriend said my swatch looked like a bruise! I hope you don’t agree!!

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen-C Mascara (£10.50)

This is my holy grail mascara and I always come back too it. It provides length, volume and definition whilst still looking natural. It has great lasting power but is still easy to get off at the end of the day.

BarryM Cream Jewel Cream Eyeshadows (£4.99)

I like to have a wash of colour on my eye lids but as I often start work early, I don’t have time (or the energy!) to be blending eyeshadows. Instead, I just swipe one of these on my lid and blend them out with my finger. It’s is easy as that! I have Pillow Talk which is a warm toned champagne colour, Blissful which is a natural lilac colour and finally, Fairytale which is a perfect copper colour.

Now its time for Jess and Ray’s Make Up Bag Essentials! Firstly, I will let Jess and Ray introduce themselves.

“We are long-distance besties who created BestieTalks as a platform for us to have the ability to share our love for writing, travel, love and adventures. Our blog is something that connects us even though we are states apart. We live separate lives but are always connected and BestieTalks is proof of what we can do together..even when we aren’t together! Having a blog with my Bestie is like a grown up version of us sharing a secret journal.. except its visible to the entireworld!”

We love our skin and the products that make us look and feel beautiful! When it comes to makeup we are both pretty minimal users but that doesn’t mean we don’t love getting ready and putting our face together. We each have a bag full of makeup but there are specific products that we wouldn’t dream of going without.

We are going to share our must-have beauty bag items and why they make our essentials list. The products we take when we travel, products we use daily, and products we always keep on hand just in case something comes up and you need a little something extra.

A good serum! Serums are our daily go-to. We’ve had our try of many and our favorite has to have a good thick consistency, absorb quickly, and of course, the price needs to be right. Serums keep our skin bright, our pores small, and flawless as possible.

Coconut Oil every damn day! As you should already know we are obsessed with coconut oil. So, of course, we have it in our makeup bag too. Duh! That is a moisturizer we can always rely on and know it’s not going to break us out while still getting the job done.

Basic ass Chapstick. Yep, Chapstick. Nothing is worse than having cracked dry lips. And if worse comes to worst, you can use your Chapstick anywhere (hands, nose, etc.) you may be dry.

Ray loves the ColourPop Eyebrow Pencil! Jess love the Maybelline Precise Brow Pencil. You won’t ever catch us without our brows done- unless we are at the gym or yoga.

Bobby Pins & a spare hair tie! Why? Because you NEVER know! We keep our bobby pins in a TicTac case!

Eyelash glue! Ray uses hair bond glue that you can get at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $2. I buy maybe two bottles a year. It lasts F.O.R.E.V.E.R and works way better than the other stuff. Plus its black, it gives a look of eye liner without wearing eye liner.

I stay with an emergency pimple sticker in my bag. I love Peace Out which can be found at Sephora or the brand shown in the picture above which can be found on Amazon. When I feel a pimple forming I cover it with Clearasil Rapid Gel and an acne sticker. They really help shrink, minimize, and reduce redness within just a few hours. LIFE SAVERS! I was out of town for a wedding last month and a pimple popped up- thankfully I had my stickers and it helped shrink it QUICKLY!

Tweezers!! Tweezers are essential because they are so versatile. Something Jess ALWAYS keeps in her beauty bag.

We highly recommend keeping some floss in your beauty bag. Floss is something that comes in handy when you least expect it. Your lipstick might be poppin’ but if you got spinach in your teeth- that’s not a cute look. Trust us and thrown some floss in your bag!

A good lip-gloss that can go with anything. Sometimes we like Chapstick, sometimes a pretty matte lipstick and other times we just want to throw some gloss on our lips and shine! A good lip-gloss is critical for a beauty bag! If you travel and forget a lipstick you will be happy for that backup lip-gloss in your beauty bag!

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