March 2019 Favourites

Hello and Welcome Back! We are now in April (it’s April Fools Day, today so keep an eye out!). That means, it is time for my March Favourites. It is a mixed bag this month with fashion, beauty, entertainment and of course, food. So here we go!


Denim jacket

I wanted to buy a denim jacket as I think they are the perfect staple as an extra layer in the unpredictable Spring weather!

A couple of weekends ago my sister and I went to Camden Market. We came across this stall which hand enbrioded designs on to the back of vintage jackets. They were also having a sale! 

There were so many pretty designs but I instantly loved the angel wings. I thought they were so pretty and the gold would go with lots of my clothes.

I have worn this jacket every weekend since and actually feel a little bit sad when I have to wear a uniform to work and not my denim jacket! 

Soap & Glory Bright and Pearly

I have used this product before as a teenager but after winning it in a Soap & Glory Twitter Competition (Thank you Soap & Glory!). I have rediscovered it. Bright and Pearly gives you both instant and long term radiance. The pearls provided a illuminating shimmer without being disco ball like! The ingredients including Vitamin C, antioxidants and botanical extract help to encourages skins radiance in the long run.

DermaV10 Exfoliating Red Algae Clay Mask

I recently shared a blog post about the DermaV10 clay masks as they are a great cruelty free alternative to the L’ORÉAL clay masks. I have been loving the Red Algae Clay Mask for brightening and exfoliating my skin.

Denman Shower Brush

I have used this brush for months now but kept forgetting to put it in my favourites! If you have thick hair like me it can often be difficult to get shampoo onto your scalp. Using this brush to massage shampoo into your scalp, really helps to leave your hair feeling refreshed.


I have really been enjoying listening to Podcasts this month. Both on my way to work and whilst doing housework. There are three in particular that I have loved listening too.

You me and the big C 

Rachel Bland, Lauren Mahon and Deborah James all have had or have cancer. They discuss how Cancer has impacted their lives both the positives and negatives. Each episode resolves around a topic such as the body, mind, relationships, chemo etc.

I am fortunate *touch wood* that none of my close family or friends have experienced Cancer. So for me it is interesting to learn about Cancer, how it impacts people and the treatments. They talk about their experiences realistically yet are still able to be positive, making me laugh in pretty much every episode. Together they are really helping to take the fear out of Cancer.

At Home with… by Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles

Anna Newton And Lily Pebbles are both bloggers/YouTubers. Each week they have a guest sometimes from a blogging background but also from other backgrounds(such as Liz Earle). They go to the guests home to talk about their lives and of course discuss their home decor too. Anna and Lily always just sound like they are having a conversation with friends. It is so interesting to learn about other people’s lives and for me is the perfect background podcast whilst I’m tidying as it motivates me to keep going!

Sh**ged Married Annoyed by Chris and Rosie Ramsey

A fairly recent discovery for me but it made me laugh out loud on a train! Which was awkward but shows you how funny it is. Chris and Rosie discuss their annoyances with each other. It is hilarious!

Emily Norris

Emily is YouTuber who shares her life experiences as a mother to three handsome boys, Fraser, Caleb and Jackson. I find her day in the life videos so relaxing and relatable. She also does great life hack videos and speed cleaning videos which helps to motivate me to get cleaning.


Beanies Coffee

My Nan brought me the gift set of 16 coffees for Christmas. I have been loving all the flavours but this month I have especially been loving the flavours Mint Chocolate, Caramel Popcorn and Creamy Caramel. They make my early mornings to work much more bearable!

Easter Eggs

Now I know its not Easter yet but chocolate tastes so much better in egg form! I especially love Mini Eggs and as you can only get them for a limited time, I’m going to make the most of them!

So that is it for my March favourites. I would love to hear what you have been loving this month. Let me know in the comments below.


Emma x

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