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My Best Products from Soap & Glory

Hello and Welcome Back! Before I get started I just wanted to say thank you for all your support on my last post. Why I’m afraid to share outfit posts? I was so nervous to post it but your comments have been so lovely so thank you!

So today I am going to share with you my best products from one of my favourite beauty brands, Soap & Glory! Soap & Glory is a brand sold in Boots and is a midprice range (it isn’t cheap but also isn’t ridiculously expensive). It is also often on offer which is even better! The brand covers, skincare (for face and body), make up and fragrance. I have used Soap & Glory products for years now and have narrowed down my favourite products which I will share with you now.

Hand Food

This was the first product I ever tried from Soap & Glory. It has their classic pink scent which is sweet and nutty. It is the best hand cream I have ever tried as it sinks in quickly and keeps my hands moisturised for hours. Which is probably thanks to the Shea butter and Macadamia oil. I love it so much I have the travel size (£2.50) and the pump (£7) which I keep by my bed.

Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

From the first to the latest product I’ve tried which you can see is well loved! Firstly, I love that this cleanser comes in pump it is fuss free. The product itself contains antioxidants, vitamins A and C. I take a couple of pumps and massage it into my dry face. Then I take dampen a flannel and wipe all the cleanser and make up away. It removes all traces of make up and leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturised. It is perfect for refreshing your skin. It is only £8 so a lot cheaper than most cleansers on the market.

The Scrub Of Your Life

Another cult classic and with good reason. I have yet to try and body scrub that I love as much. As it comes in a squeezy tube you don’t get the puddle of water in your scrub like you would with one in a tub. The product itself has the classic pink scent (like the hand food). The consistency is unusual, in the best way, it is a gel texture which sticks to the skin (rather than running off like most). As you rub it into the skin it foams up and the micro beads polish the skin. Which I have tried to demonstrate in the photos below. Leaving your skin feeling super soft without feeling stripped. At £7 it is an absolute steal!

Radiance Boosting Mask

This product is my miracle product from Soap & Glory. I use this mask when my skin is looking dull and I want it to look instantly brighter. It is a sheet mask (so again no fuss!) soaked liquid containing vitamin C, Whiteflower, Rooibos Tea extract and Gotu Kola Extract. It is £3.50 for one mask.

Smoothie Star Body Butter

One of the products Soap & Glory is most famous for is its body butters. I know the Righteous Butter is their most popular one but I personally prefer the smoothie scent. Not only does it smell delicious (like a sweet, almondy scent) it is lighter than the Righteous Butter so sinks in quickly. No one wants a moisturiser that leaves them feeling sticky. As it contains 5 oils it leaves your skin feeling silky soft. The one I have is a travel size but the full size is £10.

Smoothie Star Fragrance

This scent is my favourite Soap & Glory sweet it is nutty, yet sweet, yet fresh so its not sickly. A great season fragrance for any season. The perfect top up to freshen up throughout the day. It is also only £4!

Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss in Bare Enough

Most of the colours are nudey or plummy but Bare Enough is my favourite. This lip gloss is the a true nude for me. It adds a bit of a shine to my lips without being sticky. The lip gloss tingles slightly plumping your lips. Something I personally love but I know not everyone does. To top it all off this lip gloss smells delicious, like coco powder. The whole range is also Vegan. They cost £9 each.

Thick and Fast HD Mascara

This is my holy grail mascara! It is the perfect amount of wet (sounds gross but if you have ever used a dry mascara you will know what I mean!). In just one or two coats you get length, volume and definition without clumping! The dream mascara basically. It does have a scent to it (similar to their lipglosses) but my eyes are sensitive and I have no problem with it. The brush is a natural bristle brush which grabs even the tiniest of lashes. This mascara costs £10.50.

So there are my top products from Soap & Glory. If you use Soap & Glory products are there any more that I have missed off the list. If you haven’t used Soap & Glory have I inspired you to use any products? Eitherway let me know in the comments below!


Emma x

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All prices correct at the time of writing this post in February 2019.