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My Favourite Underrated Reads- Guest Post by For the Love of Books

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well. My name is Ash and I blog over at For The Love of Books Blog. I’d like to thank Emma for giving me the opportunity to guest post on her blog today. When Emma and I decided to write a guest post for each other, we thought it would be great to discuss some books some of our favourite books that are underrated. There were so many I wanted to choose, but I managed to whittle it down!

I hope you enjoy this post, don’t forget to check out Emma’s blog post about her top underrated books over on my blog too!


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Eve of Man – Giovanna and Tom Fletcher





All her life Eve has been kept away from the opposite sex. Kept from the truth of her past.

But at sixteen it’s time for Eve to face her destiny. Three potential males have been selected for her. The future of humanity is in her hands. She’s always accepted her fate.

Until she meets Bram.

Eve wants control over her life. She wants freedom.

But how do you choose between love and the future of the human race?


Eve of people Man was published in 2018, and is written by two of my favourite authors. While it was a fairly popular book, I don’t think it got half as much hype or attention it deserved. It was the first co-written book I’ve read and it was executed so well.

Co-written books don’t seem to be given enough credit. Giovanna wrote from the perspective of Eve and Tom wrote Bram’s chapters. While they wrote the chapters completely separately, they came up with the concept of the book together which is so fascinating to me. It’s brilliantly written and as both authors have a main character each, it gives Eve and Bram completely distinguishable personalities and voices, yet the book doesn’t feel disjointed or like two separate books.

It’s the first book in the trilogy and it starts the series off strongly. If you’re a fan of The Handmaid’s Tale and Black Mirror, this is definitely the book for you.

The Choice – Edith Eger


It’s 1944 and sixteen-year-old ballerina and gymnast Edith Eger is sent to Auschwitz. Separated from her parents on arrival, she endures unimaginable experiences, including being made to dance for the infamous Josef Mengele. When the camp is finally liberated, she is pulled from a pile of bodies, barely alive.

The horrors of the Holocaust didn’t break Edith. In fact, they helped her learn to live again with a life-affirming strength and a truly remarkable resilience. The Choice is her unforgettable story.


The Choice is an extremely moving book that discusses the life of Doctor Edith Eger. It follows her survival through the Nazi rule and various Concentration and Death Camps, including Auschwitz. I was kindly gifted this book from Penguin books and I don’t think it’s been given half as much attention as it deserves.

Edith’s story is equal parts extraordinary and heartbreaking to read. From being pulled from a pile of dead bodies during a camp liberation, barely alive, she went on to be an extremely successful psychologist. She specialises in helping those who, like her, have suffered from PTSD.

Although there are many accounts and books written about Auschwitz, all of which are important, Edith’s story is one that needs to be read and praised. Even through the darkest moments of her life she was able to take positivity out of each situation and she writes that “even in hell, hope can flower”. If you have the opportunity to read her story, I would definitely recommend it.

The Space Between – Meg Grehan


It’s New Year’s Eve, and Beth plans to spend a whole year alone, in her snug, safe house. But she has reckoned without floppy-eared, tail-wagging Mouse, who comes nosing to her window. Followed shortly by his owner, Alice. As Beth’s year of solitude rolls out, Alice gently steals her way first into Beth’s house and later into her heart. And by the time New Year’s Eve comes round again – who knows?

A tender and delicate love story in verse, The Space Between is a tale of how warmth, support and friendship can overcome mental anguish.


This an an absolute beauty of a book that not many people have come across before. It’s written all in verse and each poem follows on from the previous, they’re all different lengths and styles too. It’s genuinely one of the loveliest books I’ve read and even if you’re not a huge lover of poetry, you’ll likely still enjoy it.

It follows the protagonist Beth’s struggle with her mental health and fear of leaving the house. At the beginning of the year she’s in a tough place, but when she meets Alice and her dog Mouse, her life is completely tipped on its head in the best possible way. The book encompasses so many important themes and also includes a F/F relationship.

It’s fantastically written and although it’s a quick read, it still resonates with me now. The Space Between is an absolute gem and I can’t recommend reading it enough!

Honourable mentions:

I could be here all day discussing my favourite underrated books as there’s so many to choose from. I thought I’d add a quick list of honourable mentions at the end as I couldn’t write this post and leave them out!

Dead Gorgeous – Malorie Blackman

I loved this book as a child and think it’s one of Malorie Blackman’s most underrated books. It’s a ghost story with a twist and discusses some important issues, such as eating disorders in children. A must read if you’re a fan of the author.

Small Spaces – Sarah Epstein

This was such a creepy, yet brilliant book that I was kindly #gifted by the publishers. It was definitely one of my favourite reads of 2018 and had so many shocking twists and turns. I can’t believe it’s not hugely hyped – it should be!

Rebecca – Daphne Du Maurier

Although this is a popular classic, I don’t think it’s given half as much hype as it deserves, for me it’s up there with the Austen and Bronte books – It’s so intriguing and good!

One Summer in Rome – Samantha Tonge

I read this for the blog tour in 2018 (#gifted) and expected it to be a fluffy romance. Thought I love these kinds of books, but this was so much more than that. It was a lot heavier than I initially Envisioned and discusses disability and complex relationships. It includes LGBT+ characters and follows the story of an Italian family who run a pizzeria. It’s a must read if you love Chick-Lit, it’s brilliantly written and was a joy to read.

Secrets – Jacqueline Wilson

Secrets was always my favourite Jaqueline Wilson book growing up and it’s definitely one of her underrated books. It’s brilliant and although it’s set in modern tikes, is deep rooted with WW2 history, especially that surrounding Anne Frank. It’s a book that further sparked my interest in the War and wanting to research and study it.

Zom-B series – Darren Shan

Darren Shan is one of my favourite authors and all of his books are incredible. While The Demonata Series is my favourite, the Zom-B series is also great. It doesn’t receive as much hype as his other series but it really should.

Suspicious Minds – Gwenda Bond

This is a book I’m currently reading and was kindly #gifted by Penguin Books. It doesn’t seem to be very hyped at the moment, but it totally should be. If you’re a fan of the Stranger Things TV series, this is a book you HAVE to read before season three is

released! It is a prequel to the show and explains the background story of Eleven’s mother and also Dr Brenner’s research. I’m really enjoying it so far!

I hope you enjoyed this guest post. Do you agree with my choices? What are your favourite underrated books? Let us know in the comments below, I’d love to check out your recommendations! ?

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