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Newcastle Holiday 2018 Day Four- Leeds

Today, I am sharing the last day of my Newcastle 2018 holiday. Have you seen Days One, Two and Three? I had an amazing week. For the final day, as Leeds is only 1 hour 30 minutes from Newcastle we decided to head there for the day. I have been to Yorkshire before but from my memory I haven’t been to Leeds before. Everywhere you looked was beautiful architecture and the whole city felt to relaxed.

As we walked toward the shopping centre there was a church surrounded by a little market with handmade market.

The church spire was too big to fit in one picture! The shopping centre was manic just like every other shopping centre. So we headed out to explore the city centre!

As we headed to the town centre, much to my delight and my Boyfriends horror, the Christmas market was on! The ferris wheel below is part of the Christmas Market. Overall, I was blown away by how this city felt so much like a small town with stunning architecture and cobbled streets. 

As with Newcastle and Durham, Leeds also has its own memorial statue. I love the angel on top of this one.

Now Leeds really went to the town with the Christmas Market. It was german inspired and reminded me of the market at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

All the stalls were in these cute wooden market huts which I loved. There where your typical fair games as well as delicious food and drink. It took a lot of will power not to eat everything in the market! If you feel you are lacking Christmas spirit you have to visit this market.

No Christmas market is complete without the Nut Cracker! There were loads of them so of course I had to get a photo of them.

As we continued to walk we walked past the Leeds City Museum. The building itself was impressive as it was covered with intricate carvings. I plan to go back again one day as we didn’t have time to go today.

I feel this photo really demonstrates how amazing the buildings are in Leeds.  Below is the town hall.  One of the most interesting town halls I have ever seen. 

The building below was surrounded by columns and fairy lights. Someone was getting married here and it is certainly a beautiful place to get married.

As we headed towards the Leeds Dock everywhere you looked there were barge boats.

We got the Water Taxi from the Train Station to Leeds Dock. It was only a 12 minute journey and it was free! If you ever visit Leeds I would highly recommend the river taxi. It gives you a unique perspective of Leeds. 

Below are some photos taken whilst on the water taxi. The gold building is Leeds train station.

I would love to live in one of these flats with the view of the river below. Does anyone else find being near water really calming?

As we arrived in the Dock as you would expect there were loads of boats tied up.

We went to the Mumtaz photographed below for lunch. It is world famous and the Queen has even visited.

Here is are view of the dock with Sky’s head office in the left corner!

Around the dock was these patches of fake grass which would perfect for a summer lunch.

In case you are unsure the sign in this photo confirms we are in fact in Leeds Dock. Around there are several cafes and restaurants and a museum.

Can you spot me in in the reflection?

Another beautiful seating area.

 Below is the most adorable library I have ever seen! You can take a book as long as you replace it with another book.

This was the inside of Mumtaz. As you can tell it is very dressed up! We did feel a little under dressed. The food was delicious though!

We headed back into Newcastle after. We back to the hotel for a quite evening and to pack ready to go home the next day.

The next day we had a lie then had lunch at Smash Burger before getting the train home.

We really had an incredible time away. It was great to escape from everyday routine and explore somewhere new. I can’t wait to go back again one day.

Don’t forget to check out what I did during Days One, Two and Three. Did we miss off anything?


Emma x